7 Techniques To Rank Higher In Google

Search Engine Optimization is a technique implemented for skyrocketing the position of your website to the top in Search Engine Results Pages. There are several techniques available to rank higher in Google. Some of them are as follows,

  1. Pick the right keyword: Select the right keyword that would influence your search ability. Relevant Keywords are important for optimization. The first step after creating content is Keyword Analysing. So Analyse you content and find it if any correction is required for the content. Then check the Keyword Density. i.e., a particular keyword should not exceed the four percent of whole content. Also avoid Keyword Stuffing, since Google is smarter enough to find the stuffing content.
  2. Get Rankings in Search Engines: Getting higher rankings is necessary for traffic. Also note that, according to a survey, eighty percent of total search traffic is satisfied with the first page of Google results. So it is important to find the first page of search engine results. We had the technique called Search Engine Optimization for attaining the higher rankings.
  3. Back linking: Back linking is considered as the backbone of Search Engine Optimization. There are several techniques available for search engine optimization. Some of the techniques includes, Article Submission, Guest posting, forum discussion, directory submission, press release, blog commenting and so on. Anchor Text of Back link is important as it should be the keyword that you are going to optimize.
  4. Use Meta Tags properly: Make sure that each page has fresh Meta description and keywords. Don’t overstuff you content with keywords, especially in the initial paragraph of website. Good quality and superb content will do wonders in search engine optimization.
  5. Submit Sites to Search Engines: Submit your Site in Search Engine for getting visibility. There are several search engines available including bing, yahoo, ask and others. Find it and submit your website’s link for visibility in those search engines.
  6. Guest Posts: Usually Guest Blogs have high Domain Authority and decent page rank. Since the blogs are regularly updated with unique and genuine content. So a backlink from such a blog would be equal to hundred backlinks from low quality websites. Additionally you would get page rank. This page rank helps you to rank higher in search engines. So finding such guest blogs should be your first task. Once you find it, submit your high quality articles with link back to your website.
  7. Maintain quality of Website: Maintain the quality of Website with publishing original and unique content. Also check, whether your website have any duplicate content. Content duplications makes search engines to penalize the website from search results. So confirm that your website is free from Plagiarism.

Bio: The Author of this article, Arun Mohan is writing articles for Swap Dialand Agrraj Consultancy Services