How To Choose A Dog School For Your Fur Child

When you think of your dog as a member of the family, it is difficult to turn her over to a complete stranger for training. In many ways, choosing a good dog school is just as important and challenging as choosing a school for your kids. Before you sign your pet up for classes, look at the tips below to make sure you find the best facility for his education.

  1. Look for Positive Training Positive training means that the school uses positive reinforcement for good behavior. Top Dog Training and Resort includes positive interactions as part of their dog school Dogs should never be taught through intimidation or fear.
  2. Consider Residential Training Taking classes doesn’t always have the same impact as a boarding school that allows dogs to repeat the same schedule and behaviors repeatedly to reinforce behavior. You may be tempted to take your dog to short classes where you are the handler where the trainer demonstrates but your dog really needs to be in the hands of a qualified trainer who knows how to get the idea across to your dog.
  3. Consider the Age and Special Needs of Your Dog – If you have a puppy, you don’t want to send him to a dog school that specializes in training adult dogs. Look for a school with a program just for puppies. The same is true for special needs dogs like those with aggressive issues or compulsive behaviors. There is no such thing as making do.
  4. Ask What You Can Expect Your Dog to Learn –Don’t go into having your dog educated without a clear idea of what both of you will get from the experience. Do you only want him to learn the basic commands of sit, stay, and heel or do you want to change an undesirable behavior that will make both of you happier? Find out what you will get for your money.
  5. Ask to Visit the Dogs’ Quarters – You don’t want your dog to spend his time at dog school in an uncomfortable setting that will add to his stress of being away from home. The area should include clean, comfortable bedding and ready access to food and water. Also, ask about any special dietary needs for your dog.
  6. Check the School’s Reputation –You can bet that if the dog school has not fulfilled their promises to care for other pet owner’s dogs, they have been free with their comments about their services. The same is true for those who have had a positive experience. Go online and check out the website and a few local review sites.

Nothing is more important to pet owners than providing the best possible care to the furry members of their family. When dog training becomes a necessity, make sure that you get the best quality of education for your dog. Choose the dog school that you are comfortable with leaving in charge of your dog’s care and behavior.

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