How To Hire A Candidate With Excel Proficiency Test

How To Hire A Candidate With Excel Proficiency Test

In today’s time where everything is relying on computer and technology, needless to say that candidate who applies for the job irrespective of the position must have an understanding about opting the computer. However, not everyone has the knack of learning it in the desired manner because of which they end up either compromising with the pay or losing the job that could have proved of great skill to them. In case, you are hoping for the right platform by which you can choose the most desired solution in terms of hiring the look for the candidate who with years of experience and knowledge can help you deal with communication and technology part tactfully.

Understanding about conducting the computer test:

The most important part that a candidate must understand about hiring is recruiting manager would look for the person who has good hand on technologies and tools with equipment that are used the most. Of all other things, using computer is the most basic thing that would be expected. That is the main reason, why you need to make sure that if you want to get selected for the job for which the organization has come up with an opening, you need to clear the word or excel proficiency test.  

At the same time, the purpose of hiring managers to conduct such type of test is to make sure they don’t really have to send their time in training the candidates for the basic of the technology which is expected to be known. Besides, if you are hiring the candidates whose main job would be associated in accounts or finance then for them it is extremely important to have the knowledge about excel.

Understanding what the excel is:

Excel is used as a reporting tool by which it becomes possible for you to do the calculations in the most convenient manner. The knowledge about excel for the people who would be working on it the most would require them to have a clear understanding bout vlookup, calculations, formulas, data conversation, formatting and even the basic functioning that are often used the most. It is more basically advised to be well versed by the entry level administration department whose job is to maintain all the financial track record and reports and for which excel can be the most convenience source.

Conducting an excel interview:

Talking about the excel interview, the test is specially designed by the subject matter experts who have been working on such tool from a long time. The test is created as per the industrial standards, which a candidate is equally expected to fulfil. In the basic level of the interview, the recruiters would have to evaluate the ability of the candidate to make sure they apply the Excel in much convenient manner while in the intermediate level; the recruit would ask the candidate to solve the caution y using certain formulas. The topic of the test would include Workbook, Cell Formatting, Data Filters, COUNTIF / COUNTIFS, Data Sorting, SUMIF/SUMIFS, Pivot Tables, Data validation, and Excel shortcut keys to name a few.