How To Utilize Link Building In The Best Benefit Of SEO Strategy

In the world of SEO, few strategies are as widely discussed as link building. But it’s not the modern approach. In fact, it’s a semantic and tactics used by content marketers. External links are the most important source of authority as well as the ranking potential for any website. If you don’t have sufficient amount of links pointing towards your website, it will not get enough momentum, and as it’s a fact that all links do not get readers, link building seems to be a continuous and repetitive activity for businesses.

It is another reality that many SEOs and content marketers who are not familiar with the best practices of search engine optimization suffer from some myths that limit their link building potential and they continue to hold back, unless they finally overcome it. This post highlights certain myths that can help you increase your website’s potential to get readers and prospects. If you need someone to manage your link building campaign and run it successfully, you can contact Webryze. Having been there for so many years, Webryze provides the best Toronto search engine optimization and can literally boost your ranking.

Is Link Building Risky?

This is something many SEO experts tend to fear. But again, it’s a myth. The roots go back to earlier days of SEO when they used to place links manually on external websites. There used to be areas such as forum threads, directories designed particularly for hosting links on other channels, and blog comments. Google soon realized that this strategy was, to some extent, abusive, and therefore the criteria was revised.

With time, Google has become sophisticated in determining the quality of links and this sophistication came from Penguin updates. Good links pass authority to your website, while bad links are bad signs.

It all comes to this; if you’re building quality links, there’s nothing to worry about any bad effects, unless you became the victim of negative SEO (an entirely different debate). So, link building has as much risk as you have when you drive a car and get a traffic ticket. As long as the rules are being followed, there’s no fear of getting a flag.

Why You Tend to Hold Back

Now you know about the myth, you should understand as to how you’re being held back. Some of the consequences are listed below:

  • You completely ignore link building:

  • Link building becomes secondary:

  • Obsession for ranking

How You Should See It

Instead of considering link building as a risky option, consider it just like what it is – a system of rewarding for good contributions and punishments for bad contributions. So, when you continue to make good contributions, you’ll only gain from it. The question here is, how you can make your efforts count and get better with link building. Here are two ways to do just that:

  • Get natural attraction of links by producing high quality content so that people would come to share it.

  • Contribute your content to other external sources. You have to identify relevant and valuable sources to share the content.


Link building is almost unrecognizable if you’re viewing it in an old-fashioned way – when it initiated. Nowadays, it’s more about link earning. All you need is to be creative with it and learn modern techniques to earn more authoritative links. Don’t fear if you make a mistake, as good content would always get good links in future.