Pros And Cons Of Cosmetic Or Plastic Surgery

Facelift Surgery

As with any form of surgery, plastic or cosmetic surgery has it pros and cons. It is important that you know these pros and cons to determine whether or not it’s worth your shot in case you or someone you know is considering facial reconstruction now.

Cosmetic as well as Plastic Surgery Pros Include:

Improved Self-confidence

Plastic surgery is no magic that would make you look like James Bond or some celebrity, but can get a nice look which boosts your level of confidence and self-esteem. Some people battle with physical features which are alterable through plastic for years wishing they could get it over with. Such features could be pretty visible and obvious that they make some kind of physical deformities or worst case scenarios, stigma. In light of modern cosmetic surgery, if you are one of those people, you could have that physical bothering for years over with safely.

Improved Mental Health

Plastic surgery comes in handy for not just rejuvenation or augmentation of the body to look appealing but to also correct health problems such as deformities due to accident or diseases . Big breasted and fat people tend to experience severe pain in their lower back. Such conditions can be treated by reducing the breasts through plastic surgery. Breast tissue removal reduces the risks of cancer of the breast. Adding to that, nasal infections can be treated with plastic surgery on the nose. For the record, consider those as just the tip of an iceberg when it comes to health related issues treated with plastic surgery.

Improved Social Status

Achieving that look you’ve always dreamed gives you confidence which in turn improves your social life, helps gain more friends. Plastic surgery helps get shyness over with. The less. Shyness is one hell of a setback in social arrangement. By letting go of it and strengthening your confidence as well as social skills, your social life improves.

The Cons of Cosmetic Surgery Include:


Plastic or cosmetic surgery involves many complications just like all other surgery. Pain at the treated site is one of such complications. Downtime is and recovery takes a little while long depending on the part of the body where you have the surgery. To be precise, recovery for the most parts takes at least months all things held constant. There are cases where patients experience health related complications due to negative reaction to local anaesthesia used during plastic surgery process.


Having that unusual skin or deformed part of your body reconstructed comes with a price– of course– looking good has a sacrifice. Facelift surgery  is probably one of the most expensive surgical procedures. And for the most, it is not one of those negotiable stuff. But it’s a long shot. The best you can do is look for an experienced and reliable surgeon to perform your surgery. With a good surgeon handling the procedure, risks and implications are minimized. Hence, treatment and care sequel to the surgical procedure is also reduced. This way, you can cut back on expenses.