The Various Logistics Solutions and Its Services

The company, R.I.M. Logistics Ltd. provides logistics solutions and its services include ocean and air freight forwarding, project management, distribution and warehousing, cross trade, duty drawback consultation, consolidation, cargo insurance and customs brokerage. The company is based in Wood Dale, Illinois and was established in 1996. It has locations in Torrance, California; Wood Dale, Illinois; Florida, Miami as well as in Germany, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Dealings of businesses in the global market must combat with the serious question of what is the cost effective mode and most efficient mode of international shipping-Is it ocean freight or air freight? The answer depends on the individual shipping needs of the client. As such it is significant for a logistics and shipping entity provide to be a proven commodity in both entities. At R.I.M Logistics, reliable goods transportation by water or by air is an air tight certainty.

According to, Aaron Hartfield who is an Account Executive at RIM logistics, Ltd claims that partnership with warehousing and distribution services can prove to be beneficial for your business. Enough space is needed to store goods safely so that when it is time for them to be shipped the process is carried out fluently and the goods are made accessible at the right time and in the right place. Every warehousing and distribution company plays a crucial role in speeding up the activities of one’s business. It helps to carry out the complete delivery process in a systematic and smooth approach and this includes taking up the ordered goods, packing them accurately and delivering them to the exact destination in a secure and safe condition.

Cargo insurance permits for your domestic and international shipments. Insure your shipments of boats, cars, commercial freight and household goods. One need to buy cargo insurance for the peace of mind. The specific function of this type of insurance is quite unambiguous. It covers your personal property or commercial shipment in case of accidents when transferred by truck, vessel, airplane or train as because accidents can and do occur. During the international shipping or nationwide transport your cargo is exposed to possible losses and damages like tough weather, acts of God, piracy or other unexpected situations. It was designed to protect the fiscal interests of the cargo owner while the cargo passes across from the seller to the buyer. It is a very important, but often left out aspect of the simple household goods move or the international transaction. It seems that people realistically understand the platform for insuring their automobile, personal residency and other valuables but tend to consider unimportant when it comes to cargo shipment insurance.

Aaron Hartfield also has vast knowledge about brokers and a brokerage firm. Brokers are the expert professionals who makes transactions possible. They can either work independently or work under a brokerage firm. They are usually trusted agents that serve as a middleman in most of the business transactions. Simply brokerage or a brokerage firm is an institution or a company that facilitates the selling and buying of goods. They can also provide help to their clients by offering them to look for firms and companies that can render their services, such as those in the customs brokerage and freight brokerage business.