Top 5 pet-friendly options for your home

laminated floor

When you keep a pet, it no longer stays an outsider, but becomes a part of the family. You shower it with love and provide it with every possible comfort that we can. You provide it with proper nutritional food, comfort, and play with it. But you need to make sure that your house is accessorized with some pet-friendly flooring options. These can be anything from wooden flooring options to laminate flooring etc.

Listed below are five pet-friendly options for your home.

  • CARPET FLOORING: Carpet flooring is one of the best options for a pet-friendly home. Carpets create soft floors that your pets will feel comfortable to lie on. It is not only beneficial for the pets, but also for your house. According to research, carpets prevent allergens from floating in the air, and this helps you breathe clean air even when your pet stretches out on the floor. The only limitation of this sort of flooring is it that carpets are difficult to clean if your pet litters on it.
  • TILES FLOORING: Tile flooring is another pet-friendly and accessible option. This is an excellent choice for your young and innocent pets. If your pet accidentally litters the floor and makes it dirty, you don’t have to worry about it. It is super easy to clean. This floor also suits animals that have retractable and short claws. But, before going for this option, you should keep in mind that this flooring lacks the comfort for the pets.
  • WOODEN FLOORING: Wood flooring is another option you should consider if you don’t mind sweeping it regularly. It is easy to find the furs of your pet on the wooden floor. If you see a lot of furs accumulating you can easily spot it and clean it. Although you have to be careful with the claws as these get scratched very easily.
  • LAMINATE FLOORING: This also looks like wooden flooring but has a protective top layer that protects the floor from getting damaged by the claws of the pets. The protective layer also ensures that you don’t have to worry much about the mess as well. It is not very comfortable for your pets as it is as hard as the wooden flooring.
  • VINYL FLOORING: Vinyl flooring is one thing that is super difficult to beat when it comes to cleanliness of the house. Vinyl flooring is most impervious to liquids. So even if your pet accidentally stains the floor you don’t have to worry, it will be cleaned with just some liquid floor cleaner. Vinyl is softer than wooden or stone flooring, and your pet will love stretching on this floor for its afternoon naps. The only downside of this flooring is that it is not recyclable.

Pets give us so much joy and happiness. They are with us on our loneliest days. The least we can do for them is treat them well and give them the comfort they deserve. So, if you are planning to get a pet, make sure you get the best flooring option for them, be it a laminated floor or a wooden or a vinyl floor, choose according to your pet’s health, age, species and nature.

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