10 Small and Incredibly Functional Kitchen Ideas With Quartz Worktops That Bring Light and Brightness To Any Space


Quartz kitchen worktops are known for their durability and toughness. With the increasing need for the modern kitchen worktops to be productive and compatible with all different food preparations, quartz has turned into one of the most popular worktop material. If you have a small kitchen and are looking for quartz worktop, the ten small and incredibly functional kitchen ideas are sure to help you out.

Worktops made from quartz are durable and tough, and this makes them an excellent choice for kitchens where the countertop is required to go through regular wear and tear. As Quartz is an engineered material, the worktops made from them have the properties of several different elements which combine to keep up with all your food prep requirements. Quartz worktops are also low on maintenance and offer much more consistency in colour as compared to natural stone countertops.

If you are looking to invest in a quartz countertop but have a small kitchen space, the below-mentioned ideas will definitely help you out.

1. Contrasting Worktops and Kitchen Interiors

If you are looking to add a bold appeal to your kitchen, choose Quartz kitchen worktops in a lively colour. The secret to giving a bold personality to your kitchen is contrasting. Choose a worktop whose colour is bright and is in contrast with cabinetry installed in the room.

2. Add a Banquette

If you have a small kitchen and are looking to enhance its functionality, think about adding a banquette to it. L-shaped banquette and a small table in a corner can transform your small kitchen into an eat-in kitchen.

3. Pull Some Chairs

Along with the banquette and the table, if the space permits, add a couple of chairs in the kitchen. But make sure that the chairs do not block the traffic and are easy to move. While the quartz worktop will facilitate the food prep, the banquette, table and chair can be used for dining.

4. Use a Ladder

If you have a small kitchen, rather than cutting the cabinets when they reach a height that cannot be accessed by you, let the cabinets go as high as the ceiling. Invest in a movable ladder made from sturdy material and you can now easily access the highest of cabinetry. This will substantially enhance the storage space available in the room.

5. Antique Accessories

Quartz worktops easily coordinate with all the different types of accessories, including antiques. A pot rack made from metal will not just add to the functionality of the kitchen but will also make it look unique.

6. Add Storage to Worktop

If you have limited storage space, adding storage cabinets under the worktop can also be an excellent idea. Stacking dinner plates, glasses, pans and pots can be easily done with the help of these cabinets. And with storage just under the worktop, you’d have easy access to all the cooking essentials.

7. Use the Space above Kitchen Window

Adding functionality to a small kitchen is all about using every available opportunity as creatively as possible. The space above the window pane which is usually neglected can be used to add small storage cabinets.

8. Drawers with Pegs

You can look for drawers which have peg dividers in them for storing plates of different sizes. These drawers keep your kitchen super organized and look classy too.

9. Theme Storage with Worktop

While adding storage space to your small kitchen, make sure that it coordinates well with the quartz kitchen worktop. This will not let your kitchen feel cramped or smaller. Also, rather than using very bright colour, go for something subtle if storage is your main consideration.

10. Choose the Table Carefully

If you are looking to add a table to your kitchen, make sure that you choose one with a pedestal base. This will ensure that the people can slide in and out of their seats comfortably. It is also suggested that the table should overlap the seat by an inch.

Use the ideas discussed above, and you are sure to elevate the efficiency of your small kitchen.