Top Biometric Gun Safe Reviews – Models Using Finger Print Recognition Technology

The biometric safes are small, mobile. These safes have electronic locking system, quick access. Because of their small size they fit underneath the seat and are just apt for travelling purposes. These safes are opened using finger prints/entry codes. It depends on the model that the user prefers. The biometric safes are battery powered. The following is a list of the biometric gun safe reviews with their pros and cons.

Biometric gun safe reviews (Gun vault Micro vault XL MVB1000)

This safe has a finger-print scanner that can be programmed up to 120 different finger prints. The inside of the safe is lined with foam to prevent damage of the armaments if they slide. The safe has pockets to hold important papers. The safe has a five-year warranty. The Biometric gun safe reviews concerning the safe include pros and cons.


  • Easy to open even in complete darkness.

  • Several handguns can be fitted in the safe along with other ammunition.

  • Individuals staying at your home can program their fingerprint if an intruder enters the home, and they require access to guns, pistol.

  • This safe is used without a code.


  • There is no handle to conveniently carry the safe.

  • The fingerprint scanner won’t read your finger print if your finger is not placed on the scanner properly.

  • When closed, the safe has a small gap.

  • There is no light on the inside of the safe.

Biometric gun safe reviews (Lock Safe Biometric Pistol Safe)

The safe can be used to scan a maximum of 10 finger prints. The safe interior is lined with foam to prevent the guns, pistols from getting damaged if they slide while the user is mobile with the safe. The safe comes with a year of limited warranty and 30 days of customer guarantee. Other biometric gun safe reviews associated with the safe incorporate the following points:-


  • Multiple persons can program their fingerprints to use the safe (A max of 10 prints).

  • The safe opens promptly compared to other models.

  • The fingerprint scanner is sensitive and so it is recommended that you program the scanner at a few different angles.

  • If the memory of the electronic safe gets wiped out then the user can open it using the backup keys.


  • During fingerprint scan the safe beeps.

  • When its door is opened, the safe makes a sound.

  • While scanning a fingerprint ensure that you do not have scars, bruises on your finger skin.

  • You may need to use a scanner again and again to scan your finger prints.

Biometric gun safe reviews (Gun vault GVB1000 MiniVault Biometric Gun Safe)

This model beeps, has an LED light that notifies the user when the battery gets low. The safe is available with A/C adaptor. The safe’s interior is lined with a foamed layer that prevents the pistol and hand guns in the safe from damage. The safe bears a five year warranty on it. The other biometric gun safe reviews related to the safe are described as follows:-


  • Ten fingerprints can be programmed with the biometric safe.

  • It is equipped with a small LED light that allows the user to see the contents inside the safe, in the dark.

  • The safe can be opened using the key or by scanning the user’s fingerprint.

  • The user can mount the safe anywhere without worrying about the door staying open.


  • If there is no electrical connection in the safe, then the user needs to reprogram it. The safe can be opened alternatively using the backup leys.

  • There is a need to place the fingers correctly on the scanner, improper finger prints won’t help the safe to open.

  • The battery lifetime is low and so the user should always keep additional batteries in hand.

Biometric gun safe reviews (BARSKA Biometric Safe)

The user unlocks the safe by scanning the finger print. Thirty finger prints can be programmed for use. The safe bolts are made of solid steel, they are motorized. It has to be installed in the open and it is powered by 4 A batteries. As an alternative, the backup keys are used to open the safe. The safe comes with a year of warranty. Other biometric gun safe reviews pertaining to the safe are as follows:-


  • The safe stores up to thirty fingerprints.

  • The fingerprint scanner needs to be activated, to enhance the battery life. Otherwise, the safe does not use batteries.

  • The safe can be anchored to a solid surface.

  • The BARSKA beeps when the door is left open.


  • To unlock the safe using the key the user has to remove the nameplate. Keeping fresh batteries in the safe is recommended if the user wants to continue to have quick access to them at all times.

  • It takes time for the safe door to get locked. Pressing a button is important when you want to lock the safe door.

  • This safe is not waterproof or fireproof.

Biometric gun safe reviews (Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe)

The safe is small in size but is capable of holding full-size semi automatic guns. The safe has a one year limited warranty. The important biometric gun safe reviews with respect to the safe are described as follows:-


  • The user can program a maximum of four fingerprints. There is a keypad so that the user can program an access code. The safe can be opened alternatively using the backup keys.

  • The safe is prompt to read fingerprints. It is faster than other safes.


  • It takes more time to read the fingerprints.

  • The safe has a short battery life. A backup key, extra battery is helpful always.

  • To enter the access code, the user needs to press a button to activate it. This activates the fingerprint-scanner.

  • The safe is not available with a locking cable.