5 Magical Destinations For Active Holidays In Croatia

Are you getting ready for holidays in Croatia? This guide highlights Croatia’s top five holiday destinations for you to visit. The attempt to make a list for the top holiday destinations in Croatia could prove a very challenging task, as there are so many excellent choices and remarkable places. Beautiful coastlines, amazing nature and exceptional old harbor towns are some of the highlighted characteristics of Croatia, which can become a much tempting holiday destination if someone knows exactly which places to visit.


Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and it is considered to be the center of Croatia’s culture, academics and sports. Zagreb could become a perfect destination for adventure holidays; by exploring both the Upper Town and the Lower Town, someone can find medieval towers, 19th century palaces, stunning cathedrals and open-air markets, which makes this holiday worth taking. Moreover, Zagreb is well connected to the rest of Croatia and it’s relevantly easy to get from one place to another.


Dubrovnik is probably Croatia’s most popular and well-known holiday destination and there are a lot of reasons to support this point of view. Dubrovnik is a walled, medieval city and is regarded as a must-see sight in Croatia. You may visit Dubrovnik all times of the year; however, it’s during spring or summer when this travel destination will mostly pay you off. You will get the chance to walk through the city walls and explore the sights, while you witness nature at its best all around you. Finally, you will be able to get on board to some amazing Dubrovnik tours and visit outstanding sights.


Istria is a heart-shaped peninsula, located in the north-west corner of Croatia and it is known for its Venetian-era towns. Istria is also considered to be the top organized travel destination in Croatia, as it attracts visitors because of its fantastic hotels, hilltop villages and excellent restaurants. It also provides different vacation options. You can visit the crowed coast of Istria (or Blue Istria), but in case you want to avoid crowed places then you can visit the interior (or Green Istria); that is what makes Istria a perfect destination for adventure holidays.

Plitvice Lakes

This outstanding National Park displays sixteen interconnecting waterfalls and is one of the oldest national parks in Europe. Plitvice Lakes is amongst Croatia’s most popular attractions and tourist destinations. Visitors can go to the park not only during summer, but winter too. Plitvice Lakes are a natural wonder that will definitely amaze you!

Hvar Town, Island of Hvar

During high season Hvar Town is estimated to attract more than 20000 people a day. While it’s considered a cosmopolitan tourist destination, there are several other features than the notorious nightlife of the island. Hvar has the sunniest hours compared to the other islands in the Adriatic Sea and that may give you the chance to visit the ancient sights and learn about the history of the island. The fortress Fortica is the cathedral of Hvar and it is definitely worth a visit. Finally, Hvar provides amazing exclusive accommodation, including holiday villas with pool as a favorite choice of tourist searching for unforgettable experience on the island.