Travelling Bali; Why This Indonesian Island Is an Ideal Travel Destination

If you have not been to Indonesia, then you should start putting your finances in order. Every person who has visited Indonesia and Bali Island, in particular, will give you unending tales of how and why they loved the island. But why all this fuss about an island?

Reasons Why Bali Is an Ideal Travel Destination

Unlimited Adventure and Adventurous Activities

It is almost impossible to efficiently exhaust all the adventurous activities that Bali offers to her visitors. One of the most thrilling activities that will guarantee you an unforgettable experience is a Bali cruise tour. This is a sea version of a nature walk.

Now, imagine if a walk on the plains and fields can be satisfying, how about a ride across the sea? Better yet, how would it feel taking an aquarium-like walk on a glass-bottomed traditional boat getting the real-view of the submarine life? The feeling would be extraordinary; a Bali guarantee. Other beautiful things to see include animals like sea turtles the coral reefs.

Beautiful and Well-Spread Plantations

Bali’s weather is ideal for many crops and especially rice. The island is characterized by vast rice plantations. Even the places that have no rice on them have other beautiful vegetation creating an ever-green mountainous ambiance.

Other Beautiful Islands

Besides being an island in itself, Bali is the gateway to other smaller islands. The Gili Island is a set of three smaller islands known as the Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Meno. Anyone who has been to these islands will tell you about how breathtaking their site is. They create a scenic site for you to capture memorable photos to carry home.

Bali Has a Vibrant Night Life

Many cities and towns have sluggish nightlife. Finding an entertaining spot worth its name is a hard task after nightfall. The opposite is true with Bali. The island’s beaches come alive after nightfall, the professional live music bands will keep you and your partner entertained till late into the night. If you prefer something more vibrant, there are a host of DJs performing your favorite music in select clubs.

Friendly Locals

Balinese are friendly people, it’s no wonder that after a few days stay, you will already be able to catch some of the common local phrases. Their welcoming nature enhances their relationship with visitors so you are able to settle in and ask any questions that you may have without feeling sidelined.

Porsche Hotels and Accommodation Facilities

Finding a good accommodation facility is as important as finding a great place to visit. In respect to accommodation, Bali’s resorts, hotels, and other facilities do not disappoint. Many are designed with the needs of the potential visitors at heart.

They are well equipped with modern facilities and strategically located across the island. These facilities have spa and massage amenities. When around, request for a Bali massage. This is a special traditional massage treatment that will leave every nerve of your body relaxed.

World-Class Water Games

Ever heard of water-based games like sliding? Well, for this and other activities like diving and snorkeling, then Bali is the place to be. These games may sound too daring at first glance, but one is always at liberty to go with what they are comfortable with. If you love the thrill, Bali will always have a new skill for you to learn.

Authentic Handicrafts

Bali’s handiwork is authentic and beautiful. You will find their art-work displayed on many gifts and souvenirs shops across the island. So yes, you can always find something to bring home as a gift or as a Balinese memory.

Bali Is The Place To Be:

An outstanding feature about Bali Island is that it always has interesting things to do, for both visitors as well as residents. The island is well equipped with all the necessary social amenities so you are not faced with hitches whenever you are moving around. Their sumptuous Indonesian delicacies will leave you a foodie-addict.

Looking for a travel destination that will leave you feeling youthful and re-energized? Bali is the island you should be looking at.

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