5 Reasons To Know For Opting For Breast Augmentation Montreal

The medical practice in which the mass and the outline of a female’s breasts are improved by using implants at the rear of each breast is termed as Breast Augmentation. Breast Augmentation Montreal allows the surgeon to expand the clients’ breasts to the required size by using extra fat from other fat bearing parts of the body like stomach, thighs etc. Women of world’s biggest economy i.e. U.S.A. have accepted this procedure a long ago for achieving attractive breasts. According to the reports of “American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” or ASAPS around 4.5million surgeries have been done in the U.S.A. in the time period between 1997 and 2012. ASAPS said that breast augmentation is second to the only liposuction in case of the popularity of cosmetic surgery.

Reasons to opt for Breast Augmentation

Women are most concerned with the shape of breast they possess, failing to have the right size according to their demand makes their self-esteem lower. Breast augmentation is the right solution to this problem. Breast augmentation provides following features for the clients –

  1. Increasing the size of breasts which are small due to some natural reasons.
  2. Post-pregnancy events sometimes make it toll on breast size. Not only that weight loss and breastfeeding after the pregnancy also seldom reduces the mass of the breasts. Through Breast augmentation, their natural dimensions can be restored.
  3. In some women, both breasts don’t seem to be symmetrical. These cases of asymmetrical breasts can be solved by Breast augmentation.
  4. If due to some medical conditions like breast cancer in which breast are needed to be operated on and cut down some mass. In those cases breast, it loses it bulk after the surgery. Breast augmentation can assist to regain the volume once again. Which is why Breast augmentation is considered as a portion of curing breast cancer sometimes though it is usually a cosmetic surgery.
  5. A study conducted by fellow researchers of the University of Florida in 2007 established the fact that breast augmentation is proven to amplify women’s self-confidence and outlook about their attractiveness.

Some interesting facts about breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is popular due to its variety of options to choose from. Breast Augmentation Montreal is highly customizable for achieving the desired shape or dimensions of the breast by the client rather than some pre-specified configuration of the surgeons. The wide range of variety involves the following-

  1. Types of the implants used: – As mentioned earlier specific implants are used for the augmentation process of the breasts. Implants are mainly made of three types of material as-
  2. i) Silicone gel: – These types of implants have an external coat of silicone gel which is packed also with silicone gel. If due to some reason silicone gel starts leaking from its coat then it will reside in the breast implant pocket. That is why silicone gel implants are reliable. Due to this fact, a silicone gel implant has a chance of not collapsing even if it’s leaking. Although a regular visit to the concerning surgeon is advised to keep in check the state of the implants.
  3. ii) Saline: – This type of implant can be considered as pouches of sterile saline liquid such as salt water. The coating is made of elastomeric silicone. The amount of liquid in the shell determines the shape, rigidity and figure of the breasts. One of the major advantages of this type of implant is that even if it leaks the saline solution will be absorbed by the body through a natural process.

iii) Composite material: – Other than the above mentioned two implants another common type of used implant is composite implant which is crammed up with polypropylene strings, soya oil or some other material of preference.

Each implant has its own characteristics.

  1. Placing of the implants: – Placing of these implants make evident differences on the appearances of the breasts after the process. They can place in two ways first is Submuscular placing and the second one is Subglandular placement also known as Sub- mammary placing. In the first one implant are placed underneath the pectoral muscles of the chest. In the later one implant are placed just below the breast tissue referred as mammary tissue.

  1. Site of the invasion: – To place the implant, invasion is done mainly through 3 processes which are –
  2. a) Inframammary Incision- Implants are a cut beneath the skin fold at the bottom of the breast.
  3. b)  Periareolar Incision- In this type of invasion, the cut is made along the edge of minor half of the areola which is commonly known as a nipple.
  4. c)       Transaxillary incision- In this type of invasion technique, an incision is made through the armpit to place the implant.

Other than these 3 types there is one another type though it is not used commonly. The form of invasion is known as Transumbilical incision or TUBA in short. Invasion is achieved through the navel. Other than this implants’ size, shape and quality etc also affects the outcome of the surgery.

Breast Augmentation Montreal is a onetime money investment for the attractive breast women wants to achieve. It can cost a few bucks but in comparison to results, the money doesn’t count at all.

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