5 Reasons Why Flyers Are The Best Method Of Promoting An Event

Are you organising a concert or a meeting, a sale or a show? If so, you need as many people as possible to know about it. With the demands on people’s time being so high, there is a lot of competition for events. You need to get the word out in the most effective, most economical way possible. You can advertise online, in the newspapers or on TV, but there is a simpler way – using a flyer. Here are some of the key reasons why flyers are great for advertising events.

  1. Effectively Reach Your Audience

With flyer printing you can really get to your audience in the most effective way possible. You have a lot of control over where you distribute your flyers and can choose from targeting homes with a door to door delivery, putting the flyers inside a local paper or other printed publication that gets delivered, handing them out on the street, at a college or university, or in bars, handing them out at exhibition stands at trade shows, or distributing them inside a store. You decide where to distribute them so that you target the audience most effectively.

  1. Creatively Advertise an Event

Flyer printing gives you a good opportunity to exercise your creativity and create something that really stands out. You can use a flyer for a simple, effective message that highlights the important details of the event but also uses inventive and creative images and fonts to highlight your cause.

  1. Create Something Lasting

While flyer printing may not result in the most permanent object imaginable, it is still more tangible than an advert on the radio or even a Facebook ad. People have it to keep and refer to in the future. It is therefore a good idea to use printing companies that can offer a professional and high quality finish to the flyers so that people are more inclined to hang onto them.

  1. Offer Incentives

If you are handing out flyers for your event at exhibition stands or display stands you can add in incentives for people to come to the event or to come to your stand to find out more. You can provide discount codes on the first set of flyers, so that the first people to come to your stand get discounted entry.

  1. Create Measurable Marketing

One of the best reasons to use flyers for advertising an event is that you can measure how successful the flyer campaign actually was. Add codes to different flyers and record how many people used particular flyer designs to enter the event. You can learn from this for future marketing campaigns.