5 Steps To Better GMAT Preparation

No expert in finance, marketing, or accounting will disagree with the fact that business school opens up a wealth of both academic and professional opportunities, and leads to higher-paying jobs in many industries. Business programs are typically associated with the financial sector, but they also prepare you for careers in fields like marketing, or even in bookkeeping for industries as varied as environmental protection to pharmaceuticals. If you’re preparing for your GMAT in Montreal, here are 5 essential steps to better GMAT preparation.

Reduce Stress By Preparing Early

The only sure-fire way to do well on the GMAT — and with your business school application in general — is to start early. Most business school applicants have a higher chance of success by beginning to study for the GMAT early; for most beginning at least four months in advance of the first round of admissions is recommended. Most business programs divide their application season into three rounds, so applying for round one shows the program that you’re seriously interested, and that you’ve done your planning.

Assess Your Skills With An Instructor

The GMAT is a three-and-a-half hour exam testing your aptitude in analytical writing and integrated reasoning. It also assesses your quantitative and verbal skills. If this sounds intimidating to you, consider booking a free assessment with a qualified test preparation service, where you can talk to an instructor about your performance on the GMAT mock exam and your current skill set. Together you can come up with a game plan to target weak areas and build on your strengths.

Use a Qualified Test Preparation Course

Not all test preparation services are the same. The best test prep companies take a comprehensive approach to the test and teach proven methods for problem-solving in each section of the GMAT. At Montreal’s Quantum Test Prep, the instructors believe that the GMAT, like the LSAT and GRE, is a standardized exam, based on standardized content, that is delivered in a standardized format and requires standardized answers. This standardized approach can break down the most complex subjects into manageable pieces.

Be Ready To Spend More Time With An Instructor

Getting to your dream score takes time. Like breaking in a new pair of shoes, there’s no shortcut to GMAT success. Preparing for your GMAT in Montreal takes dedication and hard work — be proud of yourself for making the commitment!

The best GMAT course in Montreal will provide more teaching hours so you get the most exposure to GMAT material possible. Most courses deliver just 30 teaching hours at the most. Quantum provides 100 teaching hours as part of its ultimate GMAT package. And, in the event of an unsatisfactory score when you take the exam, there is a free course repeat guarantee. In addition to comprehensive test prep courses (including individual tutoring options), Quantum Test Prep offers many webinars and info sessions both on site and remotely at campuses across Quebec and Ontario (including the Rotman School of Management) — all designed to give you an opportunity to ask your burning questions about the exam and get targeted support for the sections of the LSAT that concern you most.

Take The GMAT In Context

The GMAT is not an isolated piece of your business school application. Your personal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and other required application materials, together with your GMAT score, give the admissions committee a full picture of who you are as an applicant and your potential success in the program.

Simply follow these 5 easy steps, take care during each step of the application and testing process, and don’t stress out too much about any one area, and you’ll be on your way to business school with a smashing GMAT score in no time flat.