5 Tips To Sell Your Products Fast Using Facebook

The Internet continues to disrupt traditional business models and is revolutionising how consumers purchase items by allowing anyone even thousands of miles away to purchase an item that they want. More retailers are starting to sell on platforms such as Facebook and Amazon. Subscribing to services and purchasing products using the Internet has now become so much more easier. This is made even more so possible with Facebook providing a platform for retailers to seamlessly integrate into their consumers lives. It is also a platform to sell products and services online.

The Case of Apple & Exxon

It is transforming countries, economies and industries. This is showcased by Apple today which had successfully overtaking Exxon as one of the most valuable company in the world. Apple provides the latest technologies for the world while Exxon is the epitome of traditional business of oil and commerce. Another revolutionary tool used by retailers to sell their products today is Facebook as a powerhouse social media.

The Internet as the platform had allowed breaking of old ways of doing business by extending it online and placed competitive pressure on brick and mortar stores with its continuous exciting innovations. No doubt, these innovations will continue to change consumer habits as the digital world continues to grow.  This is even more so with more retailers transitioning to sell their products on Facebook. Consumers are also looking to improve shopping experiences that can engage and add value beyond the brick and mortar store. More retailers are also looking towards how they can improve customer experience by selling products directly through their Facebook.

The Prospect of Social Media

Another invention made possible with the Internet is social media as it is transforming and disrupting the way that we usually do business at almost every corner of our lives. Social commerce is one of the fastest growing business and using Facebook to sell online is become more popular and relevant.

Regardless if you are an fully online store or you have a brick and mortar store but you are also using Facebook to further promote your products and services, check out these five tips that you can use to  to start selling on Facebook.

  1. Create a community

Many physical stores are threatened by the fact that online businesses can create a sense of community even is their audience are spread everywhere around the world. This is one thing that a physical store cannot do but an online store can. Therefore, your Facebook provides a local sense of community that combines information online and offline. Use this sense of community to start selling online through Facebook.

To further create a sense of community when you are selling on Facebook, make sure that you are putting up rather than news or information which doesn’t necessarily have to be about your product. Selling on Facebook is so much more about connecting and engaging with your customers than it is to sell your product. Selling your products on Facebook is a byproduct of engaging with your customers. Optimise your Facebook presence as a community portal when you are trying to sell items and services on Facebook.

  1. Promote your Facebook store in your brick and mortar store

This practice is already widely done by many retailers because they understand the power of selling their products and services on Facebook. Even if you have a physical store and you are not a fully online store, using social media such as Facebook will allow you to leverage your position as a retail store better. After all, you can social medias to sell your products on Facebook as well. This is one of the platform that you must utilize. Furthermore, many consumers are always on their phone and ensuring that you are present even when they are not in your retail store is important in order to sell your product on Facebook.

To encourage people to like your Facebook store, you can offer one-time offers such as a 20% discount on your retail product if they show that they have like your Facebook page when they want to purchase something. Selling your products on Facebook will be much easier as they can try out your products at a discounted price first. Stay active on your Facebook page because it will allow you to let your customers know what is going on with your business and what are the current deals or promotions that they can take advantage of. You will find that it will radically transform your business because you are present in the e-commerce world when you make the decision to start selling using Facebook.

  1. Use visually enhancing media

There is nothing more attractive to a consumer when you’re trying to search for a service or product provider on Facebook than having interesting content which revolves around visually enhanced media. Selling on Facebook would be ineffective without the use of proper media. One of the most effective ways for you to sell your products and services on Facebook is by using media. The use of words is very much important as well but since Facebook has overload of information with other retailers trying to push a product as well, what makes your business stand out? Therefore, use visually enhancing media to increasing your potential of selling on Facebook better.

This is where the use of media such as pictures, videos and viral style marketing video comes into place. You would be surprised at how many consumers and new fans that you will be able to attract when you constantly put out high-quality content with visually attractive media. These media content will attract more consumers when you are selling on Facebook.

Furthermore, putting out quality content on top of these visually enhancing media is a surefire way for you to attract transactions to your business of selling on Facebook and it will bring out your business in a more professional and creative manner. Selling products on Facebook  is a combination of being able to present your products and services in the best light possible and still have the creative juice to make your business appeal to your target audience.