5 Ways To Improve A Jewelry Display

You know your jewelry is awesome, well-constructed, and worth the price, but a customer might not notice it if the display isn’t spectacular. If you attend jewelry shows frequently, are thinking of redesigning your store’s jewelry counter, or you want to redesign the display in your window, read on for five ways to improve your jewelry display.

  1. Think Seasonal

When holidays come around, you may want to consider designing your display around them. You might think it’s too easy to create a display focused on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Mother’s Day, but a display of emerald jewelry around St. Patrick’s Day or rubies, sapphires, and pearls strewn together near July 4th make a statement no customer can ignore.

Even if you don’t want to make a whole display around a specific holiday, consider dedicating one section of the display or a single aspect of your business to the current holiday. When Mardi Gras comes around, package your sales in organza bags in holiday colors—purple, green, and gold. If Valentine’s Day is around the corner, get your jewelry packaging box in beautiful red and pink heart shapes.

You can even evolve with the season and change your displays to embrace winter, spring, summer, and fall with paper snowflakes, fresh flowers, sand, and small pumpkins in your display to grab a customer’s attention.

There are also plenty of special events that could inspire your display. Think of ways to incorporate the Olympics, the World Cup, or the Kentucky Derby into your window or counter and elevate your exhibit.

  1. Think Vertical

If most of your jewelry is displayed on trays or under glass, try adding vertical holders. You might not want to display your most valuable jewelry this way, but a clever T-bar bracelet or necklace stand will attract folks over to the counter where they’re sure to notice the pricier items. Standing displays can be open—so that customers can touch the items—or closed behind plexiglass, so that customers can only view the pieces.

The type of vertical display you decide on will depend on they type of store you have. It will also depend on the amount of counter space you have and whether or not you have room for vertical jewelry holders without making the counter look too crowded.

Creative displays that match the theme of your store are the most interesting and most likely ways to increase your sales. If you have a casual boutique, for example, consider a rustic picture frame with chicken wire to display earrings. A large retail store, on the other hand, may want a high-tech, LED lit, rotating case.

  1. Think Alike

Try grouping all your metals together. It doesn’t matter if you’re placing a ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings together—if they’re silver, they should go in the silver display. Gold stays in the gold display, and bronze goes in the bronze display. Within the display, you can arrange bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings together to tempt customers with matching sets.

You can also group your jewelry by stones instead of metals. Place like colors or stones in the same case, rubies and garnets together, sapphire and blue topaz side by side, and opals with mother of pearl. The human eye naturally appreciates the order you’ve created and most people will stop to admire the sparkling arrangement.

  1. Think Price

Folks often have a general sense of their budget, so why not help them out a bit by grouping jewelry together by approximate price. Sure, you may be trying to make the best sale you can, but the customer will feel better if they know where to look. They’re also less likely to fall in love with something unaffordable and leave disappointed, and instead, encounter something in budget to buy.

  1. Think Local

If you’re a local artist, you may have a number of friends and colleagues in the same field. Encourage them to bring items in on consignment and make sure you have plenty of signage promoting this local selection.

You can even reach out to your city newspaper to let them know you support local artists. Although this may be just a small section of your store, if new customers are drawn in by the idea of local jewelry makers, they’ll surely glance around the rest of the store too.

A Display That Makes a Difference

Since there’s no wrong way to display jewelry, you can use your imagination and embrace the ambiance of your store to restructure your collection. Whether you choose to let holidays reign, organize by style, metal, or color, or add an item of interest, any change in your presentation can draw in new customers. Try out these tips and discover the one that works best for your store.