7 Awesome Ways To Make Your Crush Fall In Love With You

7 Awesome Ways To Make Your Crush Fall In Love With You

There’s someone in your life you really admire and wish to strike a note of love with. Each time you look at the person, hearts seem to flutter all around and violins begin to play. Well, if this is something you are going through, we bet you wish to take it further.

Here, we present 7 different awesome ways to win the love of your crush and help you shoot in the right direction:

  • Look Interested

Show interest in the person. Make sure your crush knows how much you are interested in him or her. Unless, the person knows your interest, it is useless to make too much efforts in that direction because your crush would not be able to acknowledge your efforts.

  • Look Good

It’s important to be presentable. The first thing someone would notice about you is how you look rather than how good you are at heart. Therefore, make efforts to win your crush’s heart in the first instance.

  • Be Humorous

Remember, being humorous is difficult. And this is another important attribute to attract someone. Make sure you crack sensible jokes and be witty in your remarks to win someone’s heart and keep them interested.

  • Compliment Your Crush

Give compliments to your crush. Surprise them on special occasions like birthday with flower delivery in Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore etc and delight them even if they are living miles away from you.

  • Be A Good Listener

Listening is an art. Always listen and pay attention every little detail your crush talks about. This makes you understand the person’s likes and dislikes better and act likewise. The more you know, the better your chances shall be to win the race.

  • Play The Jealousy Card

Your crush should not be comfortable enough to take you for granted. Make them feel jealous once in a while to send out a hint that you haven’t yet received a confirmation from him or her.

  • Make A Common Friend

Find a friend your crush is close to or make your way into the crush’s friend group. Once you are successful in impressing the friend, your job is half done. It becomes easier to communicate and hang out with the one you want.

But more than anything else, don’t keep your expectations too high or direct all your attention towards impressing the person. This will seem quite unnatural and make you look clingy and that definitely, is the last thing you want. Therefore, use these tips to impress your crush and shoot your arrows in the right direction.