7 Best Themed Cake To Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday

7 Best Themed Cake To Celebrate Your Kid's Birthday

Kids are a figure of carefree life. From frolicking around aimlessly in the fields, to smiling and giggling for no reason, seeing them in their own skin can bring a smile to your face. Show them how special they are by arranging a specially designed themed birthday cakes. From a high tech space themed birthday cake to a cheerful cartoon themed birthday cake baked in the shape of Mickey Mouse, a themed birthday cake always add to the sense of the occasion.

7 Best Birthday Cake Themes for Kids

One must remember that children will be children. Keeping that in mind, celebrate the joy of their childhood days with a themed birthday cake. From a cake baked in the shape of the timeless classic Jungle Book, to a cake representing stars and space, the variety of themes are almost endless. Here are the 7 most special themed birthday cakes for kids of all ages –

  1. Cartoon Themed Cake: The cheerful and joy-filled delight of a cartoon themed cake fills all with happiness. From the ever-mischievous Tom from the timeless classic Tom and Jerry, to a bulbous yellow cake made in the shape of a minion, a cheer-filled cartoon birthday cake makes for a great treat.
  1. Wildlife Themed Cake: The magnificent creatures of the wild always fascinate the little ones. Whether it is a cute and cuddly panda or a majestic lion, a wild life themed cake can be a great surprise for some and an object of inquisitiveness for others.

  1. Sports Themed Cake: Your child may be a lover of sports. The joy of scoring a goal in a football game, or hitting a sixer across a cricket stadium may be a thrill for him or her in more ways than you can imagine. If that is the case, then a sports themed cake is perfect. Whether it is a football stadium cake with the ball in the middle, or a cricket themed with a pitch and two sets of wickets dotting the center, this cake is extra delicious to gorge upon.
  1. Space Themed Cake: The vastness and wonders of the unending universe is a fascination for all. What better way to incite the thrill and excitement of space exploration than by a space themed cake? Mirroring the model of the solar system that we inhabit, a space themed cake with the sun at the center, and all the 8 other planets surrounding it is bound to be a gorgeous delight to cherish and savor.
  1. Marine Themed Cake: We are always fascinated by the depths of the deep blue oceans and its denizens. From the gigantic blue whale to the colorful clownfish that swim beneath, to the mysterious and unusual jellyfish, nothing is a finer delight to immerse a child into than a marine themed cake.
  1. Smartphone Themed Cake: The wonders of smartphones have always held us in awe. From tapping the touchscreen with our fingertips to experiencing the power of an entire computer in the palm of our hands, a smartphone themed cake is something that today’s tech-savvy little folks will happily relate to. A cake in the shape of a smartphone with all the popular apps made from the delight cake components of strawberry, vanilla, and butterscotch bits, this cake is as magnificent as it is delicious.
  1. Circus Themed Cake: From acrobats aweing all with death-defying feats, to clowns making all laugh with their hilarious antics, the setup of a circus always draws admiration. Present a delightful circus themed cake to your child on his or her birthday, and see their little eyes light up in appreciation.

Whether you buy a cake through online cake delivery service, or a birthday gift through an online gift delivery service, what is undeniable is that they gleefully add to the joy of a birthday celebration.