Computers and other electronic devices of this category are an essential part of our life today. In the recent past, you were supposed to keep each and every document or file in a folder and were supposed to carry it with you all the time. But today, you can store each and every file or document on a laptop and even in your mobile as well. In short, if you are out of the city or even out of the country you do not need to worry about your documents as you have your laptop with you in which you had saved the documents.

Do you think that your data is safe on your laptop or mobile? Unfortunately, the answer is “No”. The problem is that hard drive of your laptop or computer and memory card of your mobile may get corrupted due to viruses and malware. Although, viruses and malware can be avoided by using anti-virus software what if your hard drive or memory card suddenly stopped working? This is obviously a possibility as storage device has a definite life and one day it will stop working. Moreover, there is no way of determining that when your storage device is going to deceive you. You can argue that what if you store your data in online storage drives. Yes, it is an option but not a replacement for hard drives.

Is your lost data recoverable? In the worst case, you will lose all your data that was stored in the storage device. A few years ago, once you have lost your data then you have no option but to have patience. Now with the revolution in the wonderful world of software, you have every possibility of recovering your lost data. Depending upon your requirements, you can use a free data recovery software, or you can purchase a recovery software that will enable you to recover all your lost data.

How a free data recovery software works? You have a lot of option available on the internet, you can choose from them. Almost all recovery software work on the same principle. You need to select the right software. Download the selected free data recovery software. Install the software. Run it. It will scan your hard drive. After scanning, it will show you a list of all the recoverable data. You need to select the files that are to be recovered. After all this, the files will be recovered in an already selected directory. Free data recovery software is not limited to hard drives only. You can do recovery of your data from a memory card using a free data recovery software.

However, it is not compulsory that a free data recovery software will always recover all your data irrespective of size and type of the data. In case, you are not able to recover all the lost data from a free data recovery software than it is an indication of the fact that you need to buy a pro version of the software.