7 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

7 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

If you know you will resell your home one day, make sure to make improvements from time to time that can increase the value of your home. Extensions, tiled floors, water features in the yard, paved garden paths and any other home improvement feature should be in place. You will be glad you did it. Here are seven ways to increase the value of your home.

  1. Install energy saving appliances

Every homeowner is always worried about how much they spend a year on energy bills. Usually, it comes to about $2000 a year. Any means to cut on that cost is very welcome, and will increase the value of your home tremendously. Installing Energy Star labeled appliances can save up to $600 annually.

  1. Adding a habitable attic

Do you remember the Victorian era houses that had steep roofs and habitable attics? You can add such an attic to your home and that should create an extra bedroom or two. Everyone loves a house that has extra space, and that alone can make your home sell faster than homes without attic room.

  1. Clean the property everyday when it is on the listing

Many real estate agents say that a clean house sells faster than a dirty one. They say that no matter how prime a property is, if it is dirty, many buyers will shun it. Cleaning the property means dusting, depersonalizing it so that the potential buyers do not see too much of the former owner and lastly, removing the clutter both indoors and outdoors. When you are showing the home to buyers, open the curtains, put the toilet seats down, clean the bathtubs and last of all, dust it thoroughly. You want the buyer to visualize it as his. According to Forbes, cleaning alone can add a value of between 3 and 5 percent to the home.

  1. Enhance the outdoor spaces

The yard is very important buyers especially as it indicates free storage space. This is what you want the buyers to visualize in their mind as soon as they drive in. So from the driveway to the door, make sure everything is neat. Any of your stuff lying there should be removed. You want the buyer to imagine all the space available.

  1. Rehabilitate the bathroom and the kitchen

These are the two most important rooms that all buyers want to scrutinize in close detail. Thus, they should be spruced up nicely with color and any extra features. A water saving toilet, a low-flow showerhead, storage space in the bathroom and in the kitchen will make it more appealing. In the kitchen, add a neutral touch, which can appeal to all types of buyers. Well spruced bathroom and kitchen can increase the value of the home by up to 7 percent.

  1. Buy a garbage disposer

A garbage disposal unit is a great addition to the home if you already do not have one. Its purpose is to shred food material into tiny pieces that can pass through the kitchen plumbing without clogging the waste pipe. This unit is electrically powered and it makes your garbage much less as it can shred most of the food materials.

  1. Selling a home is a very visual business

Check the listing where your home has been listed so that you can see the kinds of photos that the real estate agent has used. Most home buyers will look at the images and make a decision whether to buy or not to buy. Shoot the best photos and pass them on to the agent.


If you want to sell a house for good cash, you should try and increase its value by renovating it and following above mentioned ways. At the end of the day, some simple changes can make a big difference in value of your home.