8 Different Types Of Bridal Bouquets For Your Wedding

Wedding day”, is a precious day in a couple’s life. It is turning point of two souls, who choose to tie a knot and become a single soul. Decorations add up the beauty of the wedding venue. Thus, it plays a significant role. Have you seen decoration without flowers anywhere? No. Because decoration without flowers is like sea without sand. It’s like something is missing…..

Your bridal bouquet may seem to be one of the simplest choices that you have to make in the wedding. Though there are so many different styles of flower bouquets, you’ll feel choosing one can be a confusing task. So, you’ll consult a florist and hand over all the decoration tasks to him. Your florist is a person who can understand your situation better than you. Some of the florists offer same day delivery too. Visit flowerstation.co.uk/same-day-delivery-london if you want an emergency stock for your wedding. Here, this article helps you in understanding different types of bridal bouquets so that it’ll be easy for you to choose.

  • Hand-Tied Bouquet : A hand-tied bouquet is also known as a posy which is one of the simplest styles of the bridal bouquet. As the name says, it is a bunch of flowers with stems grouped together in an unstructured manner and tied; mostly with ribbon. Minimalist hand tied bouquets are most popular because many brides choose to carry only three or four of the same stemmed flowers.

  • Nosegay Bouquet : A nosegay is a more structured bouquet that consists of a small, tightly packed group of flowers which all cut to the same length. The stems are wrapped tightly with ribbon or lace and the bouquet often has a stiff backing for purpose of giving it a proper shape.

  • Biedermeier Bouquet : The Biedermeier bouquet is named after a European style of interior design and it is similar to a nosegay in structure. The difference is that they are arranged in tight concentric circles of a different color of flowers to give them a dramatic effect.

  • Pomander Bouquet : It is one of the unusual choice for a bridal bouquet. The pomander is a sphere or ball of flowers carried by a loop of ribbon. Surprisingly, the pomander is also known as a kissing ball which can look very romantic and youthful for a bride. It is more often used for bridesmaids.

  • Composite Bouquet : The composite flower bouquet is constructed using multiple single petals which are all wired together on a single stem that look like one giant flower. This can be an expensive option but that adds a superior touch to your wedding ensemble.

  • Presentation Bouquet : The bride carries a number of long stemmed flowers like calla lilies, long-stemmed roses, or cradles in her arms in the style of a celeb with flowers at the end of a party.

  • Cascade Bouquet : The cascade bouquet is very traditional and trendy form of a bouquet. The flowers are arranged to look as if they are flowing over from the bride’s hands to down towards her feet. This style of bouquet can be large in size but the smaller modern version is often known as trail bouquet.

  • Basket Bouquet : The basket bouquet is a popular choice for outdoor weddings, partly because of its rustic charm and partly because the flowers can be arranged in oasis inside the basket so they will not wilt as fast as with another style of bouquet. These bouquets are popular for flower girls and bridesmaids as they are convenient option to carry.

Last but not the least, brides are the main attraction of the weddings. Whatever she wears, is always remarked. It’s same for wedding bouquets too. However, no bride would want to have a dull impression with apathetic bouquet? No one. So most of the brides are more possessive regarding their bouquet. Pick up an idea from this article and choose the best suitable wedding bouquet. See you soon!