5 Massage Devices/Gadgets To Maximize The Benefits Of Massage

Wooden massage tool on female body

Every day we face with some stresses. They can be caused by various reasons from work, home or somewhere else, so we got to stay relaxed to be happier and more productive. Because of that, we need a massage, but sometimes the time or the money doesn’t allow us to afford that. So, here are 5 indeed cool stuff to buy on the internet to feel more relaxed.

Pure Wave – Cordless Massager

Pure Wave is powerful and versatile massager for better health and more relaxed life. Pure Wave is easy to use and the anti-bacterial silicone material  makes it easy to clean. The Pure Wave CM7 includes dual motors for percussion and vibration massages. The percussion power is gentle, but packs a punch at 3700 rpm. You can easily adjust to the perfect intensity with the variable speed controler. Depending on your model, there is also a point stick for reflexology and acupressure, a 6-head stick for deep tissue and sports massage, a body oil massage stick for deep tissue and relaxation therapy and a scalp massage stick.

Jeanie Rub Massager

The Jeanie Rub variable-speed massager, delivers invigorating massaging action with a with a twist of a switch. The orbital action provides a softer and deeper massage and percussion type massage. The lower speed will deliver a soothing massage, while faster speeds are more invigorating. As a convenient fingertip control, allowing you to easily adjust the speed and is ideal for the personal, fitness and sports massage community and safely helps to relax tight muscles and relieve tension. The higher vibrations are best suited for the larger muscle groups and places with extreme tightness, while slower speeds are recommended for more delicate areas.

BackJoy Trigger Point Massager

Massage is a crucial part of relaxation and recovery. The BackJoy Trigger Point Massager makes it easy to relieve muscle tension and stress through simple self-massage. Apply direct pressure to painful trigger points to soothe aching muscles immediately. Find an area where your body holds tension. Place the therapy knob on the problem area. Apply a comfortable amount of pressure, then release. Use this motion repeatedly until your muscles start to release. Also, use the trigger point massage to apply healing pressure to countless areas of the body from the legs and arms, to feet, chest and hips. Relax and restore your body in a few minutes with the BackJoy Trigger Point Massager.

PurePulse Electronic Pulse Massager

PurePulse is a electronic massager that treats tired and sore muscles in your shoulders, neck, back, waist, legs, and more. This Massager have 4 features. Ultra Pulse makes macromolecular ingredients penetrate into your skin. EMS stimulates your facial muscles and tightens your skin. Medium and High frequency waves help to improve your blood circulation and your metabolism too. 3 Color LED help to eliminate skin blemishes, minor scar tissue and various skin complaints. Above all the best advantage of the 4 parts is Ultra Pulse Poration. Ultra Pulse Poration is completely painless electronic pulse system, that enhances penetration of Macromolecular ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Wahl All-Body Massager 4290  300

If you suffer from deep tissue pain, sore muscles, or tight knots, suffer no more. Wahl 4290 300, the body massager comes with a 4 interchangeable Massaging Heads, specifically designed to target and relieve your muscle pain. The Deep Muscle head, thumps smoothly, creating a gentle, relaxing massage for all-over general body use. The 4 Finger Flex Head, contains soft finger-like nodes, replicating a human touch massage. The Accupoint head, target deep into tissue. It’s great for pinpointing concentrated tight areas. Lastly, the Raised Bump head has a wide surface to be used for all-over  muscle massage. For extra customization of massages , the Deep  Tissue contains a variable speed dial. Allowing you to adjust the intensity to match your preference.

So, with our choice of gadgets and devices, i think that we helped you how to feel more relaxed and stressless.