9 Furniture With Artificial Intelligence You Don’t Want To Miss

9 Furniture With Artificial Intelligence You Don’t Want To Miss

From Google Assistant to Siri and Drones to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is all around us. Contrary to your belief, AI is not limited to robots like Sofia, the human cyborg, but it can include anything from IBM’s Watson to Google’s search automation to autonomous weapons and high-utility furniture.

Surprised? Furniture with Artificial Intelligence?

Yeah, you heard it right. You must be thinking how can a symbol of artistry ooze out the flames of modern science. Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science which creates intelligent machines that act and work like humans in the areas of learning, problem-solving and planning. Similarly, innovation in designing and artistry has led to the creation of intelligent furniture which I would love to call, furniture with AI.

They called it Sofia; I would call it a sofa!

Ladies and gentlemen, here I bring you the nine most intelligent pieces of furniture that make your life simpler, happier and comfortable.

These are indeed ‘high-utility furniture,’ a term coined in the UK after the Second World War.

Look no further.

#1.  All-in-one high sleeper bed with wardrobe. You get a workstation, a wardrobe and a bed, all in one piece of highly intelligent piece of furniture. Who needs anything, anymore?

#2. Is it a room divider or a bookcase or both? Who cares? This open back bookcase is all I want for me now. Quite intelligent, I must say.

#3. Storage Coffee Table: This high gloss white coffee table is the perfect solution to declutter magazines, TV remote or newspaper lying randomly in your living room by using the storage option. Store the best memories over a cup of coffee. Isn’t it smart and intelligent?

#4. Space crunch, still need a wardrobe? Get two or three sliding door wardrobe (according to space) and make the best use of all space you have. The mirror is an advantage.

#5. There may be no free lunch in the world but a ‘showcase with storage’ is really happening.  Display cabinets with glass doors are a deal worth cracking. Intelligent, ha?

#6. You cannot miss the high-utility cupboard if you are intelligent enough to buy smart furniture. Women of the house, mostly, know the reason.

#7. What would you call a desk offering a drawer, a cupboard, a hutch space and three open compartments for storage? Savage? Keep it for your look! Just call it Furniture with AI.

#8. Not as universal as B. Feuerbacher’s Utilization of Space: Today and Tomorrow, my next item on the list sure utilizes the living space most intelligently. Tall bookcase cabinet is an excellent space utilizer having multiple storage options.

#9. If Street smartness marries utility, we get this smart piece of furniture known as shoe storage cupboard. Have you ever met one with your favorite city imprinted on it? No? Well, it is time. Place it anywhere and impress your guests.

Make your living area full of life, intelligence, and utility with these smart furniture options. Invest smartly in furniture that is intelligent so that you can use it for more than one purpose.