Appliance Repair in Toronto: How To Save Money On Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair in Toronto How To Save Money On Appliance Repair

When your appliance breaks down, the first thought that comes to your mind is the expense on repairs. Getting an appliance repaired these days is not easy these days because of their sky-high costs. Sometimes, you may even have to shell out as much as 50% of the cost of your appliance just on its repairs. Although you may feel clueless about repairing equipment, you can at least consider the tips given below to save money on repairs of your appliances:

Call the manufacturer

Although you may be absolutely sure that you product is out of warranty, you must call the manufacturer anyhow. In case you have lost the bills and warranty card, you can Google the name of the manufacturer and call them. You need to recall the tentative period when you bought your appliance. You can talk about discounts or free service under any offers or schemes. The manufacturer often asks for the manufacturing date or serial number mentioned on the appliance to determine its age.

Check the receipt

In case you had bought your appliance using your credit card, the manufacturer may extend the warranty. You can call the credit card provider and check the terms of your card for more details. Most credit card providers often extend the warranty along with the basic warranty period. If the appliance is damaged not because of your carelessness, it may be repaired for free.

Buy a repair manual

Sometimes, you just need a piece of knowledge to repair the appliance on your own. You do not need special training in such cases. You just need to spend $10- $15 for an official manual and you can trust it completely to repair your appliance. These manuals contain photo instructions to make various kinds of repairs. Mostly, if the repairing does not involve any electrical repairs, you can do it on your own to save time and money.

Ask for references

You may never know that a retired repairing expert is living in your neighbourhood. There are people who have quit their repairing job, but they still have an expert hand at repairing electrical appliances. Although there are new models in the market for all kinds of appliance, but their basic functions do not change. In addition, you can find several forums where you can find information about such people who are ready to help you at very nominal costs.

Take care of the appliance

The electrical and non-electrical appliances often come with a user manual. You must read them carefully and note down important points to take care of your appliances. If you clean and dust your appliances regularly, you would not have to get them repaired too soon. You need to spend much more money for a decked-up appliance rather than a looked-after one. You can prepare a schedule to clean every appliance in the house. For instance, you need to clean the compressor coils of your refrigerator every two months to have its best performance.