Autism types and how it is different for girls

Autism or the spectrum as most commonly known is variable. Though hit seems like there cannot be many subclasses, there are actually other types of autism that have a clear impact on the children. Now there may be different subtypes, but the basic distinction from the social to behavioral culture is a clear sign of inefficiency for normal communication. Parents of these autistic children have often observed the way a girl child reacts to the certainties of the spectrum.

A female perspective

Autism is very different from a girl child’s perspective. There are many different types and all of them have a different impact on the female populace who are suffering from autism. autism test for adults and children have a very different aspect and both of these significant differences are clearly visible in the females.

There is an indication of the male child in having these autistic changes to the prior normal stances, but, when it comes to female, girl children are more prone to various differences.

There is a distinct mark of obsessive behavior. Much to parents dismay which may be passed off as a need for attention. Sadly, in many cases, children who are suffering from the spectrum happen to be also projecting an ADHD or dyslexic syndromes.

Types of spectrum

There are many instances where you may mind the girl child to have an irrational behavior. Also, anorexia and obsessive compulsive behaviors are both parts of autistic behavior. There is also the additional repetitive behavior and inflexible pattern effect which can deteriorate the assistance of the child. Now, females have a more profound hit on the system where they are more deluded about their surroundings and develop a very strong will to forge the conditions in a control freak mannerism. For understanding the associated behaviors, you have to understand spectrum types.

1.Asperger’s syndrome

You will notice that not every autistic child is having the same effect or behaves in then same old fashion. There are in fact many transitions in the different types of artistic patterns that follow through in adults or even a child. One of the best examples is the Asperger’s syndrome.

Children and adults who have been diagnosed with this subtype have a very hard time interacting socially. While the work that they are doing is not going to be affected or their intelligence is not questioned, there is a lot of self doubt present while interacting. This condition does not barricade or challenge the wit of the diagnosed neither does it prove to be an obstruction in the natural quality of her daily life. So, one is able to take care of the day to day activities completely on his or her own. A girl child who is suffering from this condition has  a more repressed social behavior in such cases.

2.Pervasive developmental disorder

A little more amicable than the disorder that was presented earlier, this disorder is much more prevalent in children. A male child is more prone tom development of this type than the girl child and the reasons are not known for sure. Children who go through this condition area able to lead their lives more profoundly like the above mentioned type but, there is more aggression. There is a controlling sense that is derived from this condition that impacts the children.

3.Autistic disorder

If you have thought that the Pervasive developmental disorder was intense then wait till you are aware of the Autistic disorder. Fits of rage are a very common symptom along with the intensity of the behavior. And that is what defines this spectrum. Most of the condition sufferers are holding in repressed anger that can go on through bouts. Thus, parents have to be extremely cautious about the way they deal with their child in such conditions.

4.Childhood disintegrative disorder

Ever heard of the child whose parents were in for a huge shock to find out that they have been living with the spectrum? This usually happens to children of the age 2 to 12 years. They suddenly lose interest in social life and have a hard time developing mental skills or are facing a huge challenge while developing their language skills. This is hence the most rare spectrum type. Also, there are  associative seizures.

Additional point: there is a huge gap in the system derivation and most of the cases that have been noted are for conditions judged with boys rather than autistic girls. The test results when compared to female children have a drastic alteration that they have to mind. There are common associative issues that girls face in comparison with the boys who are in the same stage as them of autism. As it has been mentioned before, children who are females have a more inclination towards ADHD – attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anorexia and even, OCD – obsessive-compulsive disorder. Later on in life, these females are challenged in both social and biological life extending up to reproductory life.

All of this can be dealt with if you happen to find out the condition before there is a lot of progression of this condition. With autism test by good sources you can learn a lot!

So let us know how you feel and drop a comment below stating what methods a parent can adopt to defeat the spectrum!