Bad and Good Things About Coffee

Coffee is a slightly controversial beverage and because millions of people are regular drinkers, it is important for them to check good and rather ugly sides of coffee. We should be aware that coffee could contain plenty of caffeine. In fact, this substance is the sole reason many people choose to drink coffee. In essence, caffeine works like a drug and like other drugs, there are a few unintended side effects. Coffee drinkers often can’t get through the whole day without at least a few cups of coffee. For these people, a cup of coffee is similar to a pain pill. Without coffee, they may suffer from lingering headaches for the whole day. Unfortunately, coffee addiction is a real issue and people can’t easily kit the habit. In general, coffee can be considered as acidic and it has lower pH compared to plain water. In general, our body could perform better if we drink mostly, slightly alkaline food. In general, coffee drinkers should consume more fruits to negate the acidic substance of coffee. Acidic body will attract illness like a magnet. On the contrary, alkaline body tends to be healthier due to the stronger immune system. Caffeine also replaces hormones that are typically released by adrenal glands when we have high intensity activity. In this case, we may eventually paralyze adrenal glands by drinking coffee each day. It means that our adrenal glands will produce very little hormones to compensate for the daily consumption of caffeine. Serious discomfort will occur when serious coffee drinkers don’t get their daily cups of coffee.

It’s a clear fact that coffee is very pleasant to drink and it could provide us with the needed boost. However, there’s a good reason to drink coffee at least occasionally. Studies show that moderate drinkers could benefit from various health benefits of coffee. They will experience reduced health risks of liver problems, skin cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and others. Coffee beans have been ued by ancient cultures to provide cure for various ailments. In general, caffeine should provide us with the necessary performance boost and mental focus. However, it’s a good idea to complement coffee with healthy drinks. Green tea is a good alternative that we could drink between cups of coffee. In essence, we could drink one cup of coffee every two days and it can be alternated with a cup of green tea.

Actually, we don’t have to completely avoid coffee. In a small amount, caffeine could increase our performance and mental focus. Combined with the presence of antioxidants in green tea, we should be able to gain many benefits from the combo. Green tea could raise our metabolism and this will help us to burn fat. As people could become more active after drinking coffee, this will provide additional benefits for people who want to lose weight. Instead of using plain sugar, we could use maple syrup or honey for our coffee, but if we don’t mind having a cup of coffee with somewhat different taste.