Boho Hippie Clothing – 8 Gypsy Fashion Tips

Boho Hippie style is unlikely to go out of style for ages now. Boho Hippie or Boho Chic is a style that reflects clothing in flowy form with a definitive vintage stamp. The unusually cut dresses are accompanied by ethnic accessories, and hair and makeup in minimalist style. Bohemian clothings have been around for over a decade now but its popularity is scaling newer heights to date. Gipsi Soul is the perfect destination for buying the latest in Gypsy fashions.

These eight of the best Gypsy Fashion tips will help you get your Bohemian style of dressing right‚ every single time.

Your Boho Chic wardrobe must be developed with extreme care. Make sure you choose collections that are made of cotton, linen, velvet, chiffon, and silk or other similar natural fibers. One major faux pas that most women commit is wearing fur with Bohemian style clothes. This might be considered unethical in some fashion circles. So make sure you don’t wear real fur to such events.

When it comes to choosing tones and colors for your Boho Chic style collection‚ it is recommended that you keep it simple and natural. Go for earthy shades such as beige, brown, red and orange. Darker shades of green can also make your gypsy style dresses look great. Soft white can also be a wonderful choice of color.

Boho Chic style is all about being unique in your appearance in a very ethnic way. You can achieve this by paying attention to your accessories. Go the whole hog with laces‚ threads and other similar embellishments. Bohemian lace dresses and tops are in vogue right now and so are wide-rim hats, beads, and embroidered bags. Make sure you include most of them in your gypsy fashions collection and keep upgrading.

Keep experimenting with styles because there’s a lot you can do with Gypsy fashion. Trending right now is accents in avant-garde style. Checks are in too – they always were‚ and so are prints inspired by ethnic designs. Boho chic clothing can also include subtle floral patterns.

Fashion should not only be about style but about comfort as well. Boho Chic style defines the ultimate in comfort with its loose fitting‚ flowy clothing that are mostly worn in layered patterns. Go for full-length Bohemian maxi dresses that are a rage among Boho Chic enthusiasts. You can also go for flowy lace tops that can be paired with knitted sweaters for a wonderful combination of comfort and style.

Here’s a contradiction. Not everything associated with Gypsy style is loose-fitting‚ layered and flowing. You can wear Boho Chic style tight-fitting pants too with a large sized sweater on top with a nice silky scarf thrown over it. Make sure you pair those tight fits with appropriate boots – ankle length preferably – or maybe some chunky heels.

That brings us to shoes. They have a special place in Bohemian style. The most popular wear today includes those in natural shades. Ethnic-inspired sandals are good for summer. Ankle boots or cowboy boots with high heels can be your perfect winter companion. Laced footwear can add to the style factor immensely.

Boho Chic style is very flexible and gives you tons of options to experiment. Don’t stick to a straitjacket style of dressing. Go for styles that fit your body type. If you are thin‚ go for slimmer fits like short tops or skirts. Curvy figures will look better without layered dressing. Go for something with a bit of structure.