Book Your Tickets In Advance For The Anthony Hamilton Tour 2017

Book Your Tickets In Advance For The Anthony Hamilton Tour 2017

There is this nature of time that it does not wait for anyone but still manages to run in loops of similar experiences. The point here is that if you do not do what you ought to do at a given moment for your well being, the time just passes across unless a similar opportunity comes along, but this time make it a point not to miss it out. If you missed out on an Anthony Hamilton concert this year, there are always the upcoming dates calling you out not to miss the deep soulful experience.

The Story So Far

Coming from the traditional upbringing of Charlotte, North Carolina, the singer started his musical journey by singing in church choirs and in friend groups. The next step of his career was to sing at private gigs and small events, often as a backup singer to a local touring band. The singer received his major break when finally he moved to New York City. Although the struggles were persistent, yet he could now talk with record labels directly. Despite the initial difficulties, the musician held on by determination, resourcefulness, and talent. As a result, 16 years after his Voodoo World Tour as a backup singer with D’Angelo, Hamilton is an established voice in the industry. Tickets to Anthony Hamilton tour dates 2017 are available. Till date he released as many as Seven full albums, mostly with record label RCA.

One of his albums, ‘Comi’n from where I’m from’, stuck a special chord with a homesick blues audience, and it received a Platinum certification with 1.2 m US sales figures. Two of his other creations, ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Worryin’ and ‘The Point of it All’ have achieved Gold certifications. Early in his career, the musician also collaborated Soulife for an album before the group disappeared from the music scene. Released under Atlantic Label, the 2005 album peaked at number 12 in the US Billboard chart. The singer has also regularly belted out one hit single after another, with the latest being ‘Amen’ in 2016.

Great Expectations

This year has been a tumultuous time musically. With numerous musicians passing over to the next world, those empty spaces are in the process of creating a heavy demand for true music, to the kind of David Bowie and Leonard Cohen. In fact, the soul song niche received a terrible shock by the death of acclaimed singer George Michael, and there is suddenly a lot of expectations from an established singer such as Anthony Hamilton. 2016 has been an especially busy year for the musician who has done above 50 shows spanning the entire country. His energy is enviable and worth a special mention for a dedicated effort to revive the true Blues heritage of America. Evoking sensuality and deep-felt emotions with the audience, a typical Hamilton concert remains a forever memorable experience. Look up the latest Anthony Hamilton tour dates from a reliable online service.

His hypnotizing voice has been the asset of the original Django Unchained soundtrack by Quentin Tarantino. To be able to listen to songs like ‘Freedom’ from the film OST by the original singer is an experience that cannot be explained with words probably. You have to be there and feel it right to the point of heartbreak, from where the master singer takes you back to life with tracks such as make it Home and Sunshine to the Rain.