Bougie dilator – Safe, simple and cost-effective method to treat blockages and strictures

There are several passages, canals and tubes in the human body that facilitate the smooth transport of food, blood, urine, liquids, fluids and more. Some of them include intestines, esophagus, ureters, anus, rectum, and urethra. These small tubes, canals or passages have sufficient width for the smooth travel of intended objects through it that is so important to keep the health and body in good conditions. What happens when blockage and strictures occur with these organs. The condition should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible to prevent simple issues to grow severe.

Better treatment methods

The traditional and complex treatment methods are replaced by the latest medical equipment and accessories. Now, these blockages and strictures can be treated with a safe simple, non-surgical and cost-effective solution called bougie dilator. Bougie is a small cylinder that is made up of rubber, metal, plastic or any other materials used by the physician to insert into the body passages mentioned above. These products are available in different degrees and sizes of flexibility. These products are made of different materials and available in wide ranges to help the physicians in making use of the right one based on the type and nature of the medical condition.


As said above bougie looks like a small cylinder and it is attached to devices including an inflatable balloon, a gauge, a wire, a channel, and a light. The balloon apply pressure against the blockages or narrowed walls, gauge measure the pressure, the wire is used to guide other instruments into the passage, channel to inject dye to identify the site on the fluoroscope, and lights illuminate the passageway for better examination. If you are searching for this product for the hospital and medical stores, give utmost importance to its quality and functional excellent since it is a medical device that is inserted inside the body.

How bougie works

Bougie works by applying the pressure on a balloon against the blockages and walls. The pressure to the balloon is measured and controlled by the gauze. Bougie is inserted and moved through the passages to check for the problems. The balloon dislodges the blockages and carries it into the stomach. The balloon widens the narrowed walls to provide a sufficient gap between them to make better diagnoses and it is also used in endoscopy to make the narrow passages better for the movement of endoscopes. The process gives an exact medial image of different passages in the body to treat different medical conditions related to the same.

Better quality at better prices

When you are in the healthcare market for bougie, make sure that you get the best quality product at better prices. Reputed medical manufacturing companies make use of the latest manufacturing tools and techniques to assure better quality at competitive prices. There are several medical equipment manufacturing companies to select from. Make good research and get the list of the leading companies who are well said for delivering innovative medical accessories to the healthcare market. Check the reviews and remarks and place the order for endoscopic bougie dilator products with the leading medical equipment manufacturer of the company.

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