Buy Latest Smartphones On No Cost EMI With Zero Down Payment from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store

Buy Latest Smartphones On No Cost EMI With Zero Down Payment from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store

Has one of your friend’s or colleague just bought a new smartphone that has dual back cameras? Is the phone in your pocket lacking all the latest hardware? Or are you looking for a new smartphone to gift someone for their birthday or wedding?

Getting a new smartphone may be a little troublesome if you are having budgetary constraints. However, availing one with EMI can reduce this constraint considerably.

So, how to get smartphones on EMI?

Your one-stop shop to avail smartphones on zero down payment and No Cost EMI is the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. This online portal hosts all of the latest smartphones that you can avail easily and without any hassle.

But, why should I opt for the EMI Store?

Some of the reasons for purchasing a smartphone from the EMI Store include:

1.Zero Down Payment

Looking to buy the latest Nokia 8 Sirocco or the Samsung Galaxy A8+?

You can avail these devices and more from the EMI Store with zero down payments.

What does zero down payment mean?

With zero down payments, you don’t have to pay an initial amount to place your order. The entire cost of the smartphone will get converted into monthly EMI’s thus making it easier on your wallet.

2.No Cost EMI

No Cost EMI enables you to purchase any smartphones online without paying additional interest on EMI’s.

Meaning, the complete purchase amount will be broken down into equal monthly instalments that excludes any interest amount, what-so-ever.

Thus, if you are buying either an Apple iPhone X or a Vivo V9, you only pay the amount that you see in the EMI Store page, that’s it.

3.Hyperlocal Shopping

The EMI Store is partnered with 43,000+ merchants that are scattered all across India. There are more than 1 million products listed online at the EMI Store which include not only smartphones on zero down payment but also other consumer durables.

Hence, when buying Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Samsung J7 Prime, or Vivo Y69, you get the freedom to choose from an array of sellers.

4.Zero Processing Fees

Zero processing fees mean you don’t have to pay an additional charge at Bajaj Finserv EMI store when you opt for smartphones on zero down payments. Whether it the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Apple iPhone 8, you don’t incur any hidden fees that some of the other marketplaces charge.

5.Hot Deals

With abundant number of merchants, you get attractive offers and discounts with every purchase.

Moreover, when you purchase the Oppo F7 or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or Apple iPhone 7 Plus, you get to choose from a variety of EMI plans with flexible tenures.

6.Free Same-Day Delivery

Did you just remember that tomorrow is your anniversary and you forgot to bring your spouse a gift?

Well, the EMI Store can help you out.

With same-day delivery, you get your smartphone delivered within 24 hours without any additional charges.

What more?

The EMI Store also provides 4-hour delivery on some smartphones in selected regions. Hence, you get to present your spouse with a gift even if you remember the special day at the 11th hour!

7.EMI Network Card

If you hold a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you are entitled to several features and benefits. The EMI Network Card not only makes purchasing mobile phones on EMI simpler but faster as well.

You need to visit the EMI Store, log-in via Experia, select the smartphone you want to purchase, choose your desired EMI option, select your preferred seller, and place your order. Done!

So, now that you know the all about the EMI Store reduce your expenses and go for smartphones on zero down payments at No Cost EMI from here. Read the another top 5 reasons why you should buy from EMI store.