Can Your Technology Scale to Keep Up With Business Growth?

Many successful companies begin as start-ups with only a handful of employees and products. But as companies grow, many business owners discover that the technology they originally set up is unable to keep up with new business requirements. To avoid this from happening to your company, you should opt for scalable business technology that will grow with your brand without any additional costs.

Scalable Wi-Fi

As your business and the number of your employees grow, your need for fast and reliable internet will rise as well. Instead of changing the entire infrastructure, you should opt for a scalable Wi-Fi that will allow you to add or change equipment without too much hassle. That way, you will be able to add as many users as you want to your network, without worrying about the quality of the connection.

Scalable Apps

Every business uses a variety of apps – communication apps, accounting apps, e-commerce apps, inventory apps and many others. You can download them for free or for a small fee. But many of these apps will not be able to keep up with your rapidly growing business. That’s why, when picking an app, you should make sure these applications can be scaled to encompass as many customers as you need without losing out on speed and reliability. You can even opt for building a custom app for your business. Building a custom app that will cater to your needs will ensure perfect scalability for your changing business requirements.

Use Managed IT Services

Growing companies have growing IT requirements, but not everyone can afford an in-house IT department. Luckily, there are many IT companies out there offering managed IT services to clients. Managed IT services will provide your company with the resources of a big IT company and a skilled workforce that will take care of the needs of your growing business for you. Managed IT service will take care of your day-to-day issues, monitor your system, protect you from viruses and online threats and give you advice on how to improve your website and other online resources and tools.

Use Cloud Servers to Work Remotely

Cloud servers are a great tool for keeping your documents and data secured, but they can also help you streamline your remote team’s tasks. As the world becomes increasingly globalised, many businesses hire people from different parts of the world. As your business grows, the number of your remote workers is likely to increase, and so will the distance and the time difference between them. A good cloud service will help you manage your remote team easily, since they allow you to store and share different tasks and materials with a click of a button.

Scale Promotional Tools

Sending emails can take a lot of time. Sure, it all starts with a few business emails and a few promotional emails, but soon you find yourself sending newsletters, promotional emails and special offers to thousands of users. To successfully run your email marketing campaigns, make sure to pick out a scalable email marketing tool from the start. That way you will have enough time to learn how to use it before your email list expands to thousands of users.

Use Password Sharing Services

New business owners tend to do a lot of different tasks themselves – including business development, content management, website maintenance and social media management. But as your business grows, you will have to delegate a lot of these tasks to other employees. And that means sharing your website and social media passwords with them.

If you are not comfortable with giving away different passwords to your new employees, you can always use password sharing platforms. Platforms such as LastPass or CommonKey will allow you to give access to passwords to your staff without revealing the actual password to them. That’s how you will keep your data secure and your team members working as one.

Scale Your Phone System

Phone systems have changed drastically in the previous decade. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the root of that change. VoIP uses data lines to send calls over the Internet, thus allowing you to route and reroute calls to your employees wherever they are. By using VoIP, you’ll be able to segment and rearrange your calls and make sure that the call gets answered as soon as possible. You can easily scale your phone system by asking for a broader bandwidth from your provider.

It is important to think about the scalability of your technology as soon as you set up a business. If you fail to make your technology scalable right from the start, you will bump into problems along the way. That’s why you should make sure to think ahead and choose technology that will easily grow with your business.