Detox Diet To Recover From The Holidays

Detox Diet To Recover From The Holidays

At parties, usually we saturate our bodies with foods from many calories and, of course, in the following days, we bill our body goes. To avoid these problems, I offer a detox diet to recover from the holidays that you can also be used for any other time of year.

If you cannot finish your daily tasks unfinished super exhausted, maybe it’s time to clean your body of toxins to which it is exposed every day.

How to Eliminate Toxins from your Body

To remove toxins from your body of excess food and drink, you can follow the steps detailed below.

  • It reduces bad or trans fats, which are found in all processed and packaged foods. You should avoid intake of meat with excess fat, as they may disrupt the normal functioning of the liver.
  • Give your liver the required amount of water to help flush out toxins. Avoid drinking large amount of tea and coffee, reducing consumption to no more than two cups a day.
  • Eliminate alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol can produce an irreversible cell damage in the liver. To prevent, eliminate or decrease alcohol to no more than two vessels weekly.
  • Avoid sugar. Fructose containing sugar can affect the health of your liver and make you suffer from fatty liver. Therefore, while doing the detox diet, limit consumption of processed foods and fruit to no more than 2 pieces a day.
  • Consume fiber. Another thing you should do to detox is to consume the necessary amount of fiber to regulate your intestinal transit. If you have a disorder like constipation, eat a yogurt a day and see how quickly you telecoms regulators.

More Healthy Habits!

It begins in the morning drinking a glass of water and, if desired, add a little lemon juice. Then takes a nutritious breakfast that includes fruit juice, yogurt and berries. Avoid processed grains that can damage your liver and your stomach. Have a light lunch consisting mainly of vegetables. Eliminates afternoon coffee, Replace it with an herbal tea and finish your day with a light dinner of steamed vegetables.

Nothing happens if you fall into a massive craving. This usually happens when you’re in a very tight or you are deprived of many things diet. These binges may be an indicator that the diet you are doing is not right for you. Analyze it and see a specialist to do not waste your effort to waste.

These eating habits and diet detoxifying cleanse your body of all your excesses.