Difference Between Changing Station and Diaper Bags

Difference Between Changing Station and Diaper Bags

It’s not easy to plan a day out with baby as they have their own needs and requirement that should met immediately. Parents needs to be very careful and protective for the child in order to prevent him/her from various kind of illness and infections.

One of the most essential task when kid is wrapped around your shoulder while you are roaming around from one mall to another is changing of diapers.

Yes! The very first and most pivotal role of any father or mother is changing diaper of kid bag after every specific interval.

One should always have diaper in its bag when taking the kid out for several hours from home. Carrying diaper is just a part of the process, organisation and management of it is more important and difficult.

Why? You just can’t carry the diaper and other stuffs of baby altogether in single area as it tends to make a mess. Moreover, its unhygienic for a kid which ultimately make them more vulnerable to diseases.

I hope, so many of you already gave a thought to purchase a dedicated bag for the kid. While others are confused about which one to buy that will fulfill all the requirements.

Two of the most useful one are “changing station” and “diaper bag”. People are often get stuck in deciding between these two but we’ll going to clear once in for all. How these two are different? And what it does?.

Diaper bags vs changing station :If you already having diaper bag at your home then it is not necessary that you will not be needing changing station in future. Let me just discuss how both of these two works.

Diaper bags are usually very handy and useful when it comes to carrying all the baby stuffs when out . Most of the diaper bags for man  have separate racks for at least 2 diapers, it has bottle holder, back pocket for baby toys, front zip to keep your personal things such as car keys, wallet, glasses etc.

On the other hand, changing station is quite bigger in size but serve some other purposes too. It usually has mat inside which is removable that helps in changing diaper without making a mess around. The mat is quite useful when you are in a car and unable to find a washroom nearby. Babies can usually get skin infections if they are laid down on a grubby surface.

Some diaper bags also have matt that are smaller in size. If the kid grew up a little in size or older than 1 year then changing station should be the preferable one.

Changing stations are quite spacious and easy to carry at the same time. It has dedicated pockets for baby powder, cream. Diapers, bottle etc. there is also a space for wet diapers and used one until you find trash to throw the diaper.

Final call:Diaper bags look pretty cool as they are small in size and cute in style where portable changing stations are spacious which perfectly meet all the requirements of baby easily. The best decision will be having both as diaper bags are good to have when you are planning just an day out with baby to some park or zoo. On the other hand,  Portable changing stations are better when travelling with baby for few days out of town.

The best part is they are unisex and fit decently with both mom and dad. Still, you have an option to purchase diaper bag for men and women separately as per your choice.