Do Strategic Planning Yourself

The 21st century style of business leadership believes in a servant style leadership, wherein the leader tries to utilize the strengths and creativities of his employees by adding his own innovations into the strategies customised for the company. Thus, it is strategic planning, that according to the professional consultants like Heidi Jugenitz is the key to successful business in the present century.

Heidi has been a professional consultant for public as well as non-profit organizations since the past decade and more. The experience she has gathered over the years makes her a competent consultant which is why she is able to provide services of pro-bono strategic planning to pro-social organisations. Her efficiency in her career has given her the opportunity to work both in the U.S. and abroad.

Strategic planning is considered to be the road map and a compass to lead a business to its successful summit. The implementation of any strategic plan ought to be efficiently and clearly communicated throughout the organization, so that the common goals are clear to each and every employee. It is important to remember here that technology cannot help you in achieving this, you have to do it in the traditional old fashioned way, i.e. comprehending the strengths of your employees.

As a leader you should not forget that it is not your management team but your front line employees, who have the most knowledge about what is going on with your customers. It is hence, that you should give them more importance and utilise their power to build a futuristic roadmap for the success of your organization.

Any strategic planning has as its base the defining of goals and objectives and the action plans that will aid in achieving those goals. What one should first and foremost understand is that strategic planning is a management tool that helps an organization to clarify its goals and perspectives for a flourishing future. It emphasises on having a proper direction and channelizing the energy of the organization towards it. The fundamental decisions and actions which are responsible for shaping the organization are supported by the disciplined effort of strategic planning.

When you consider doing the strategic all by yourself, you need to ensure that you have a good grip over both the internal and the external environment of the organization. This is done because the strategic planning involves both the tactical and strategic application. There are basically ten steps that will help you strategize your planning proficiently and take your organization to its desired goal.

Heidi Jugenitz the expert of professional consultancy believes that it is important to select and commission a team that will be responsible specifically for strategic planning. Next in importance is the communication of the intentions of the organization leader throughout the nook and corner of the organization. A vision for the future is absolutely mandatory so as to be able to channelize your actions in the direction. Further as a leader you need to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of all your employees and then use them to your advantage.

Thus a little bit of rational thinking can help you become a great strategic planner yourself.