Easy Ways To Make Your Car Look New Again

Car Maintenance

Is your car starting to look a little too much like a clunker? Even well-maintained vehicles wear down over time, but there are some basic steps that you can take to revitalize your ride without breaking the bank. Obviously professional detailing, reupholstering, and other premium services are an easy ticket back to new car city, but the costs add up fast. Here are 5 easy and affordable ways to get that new car feel again.

1. Empty and Vacuum the Car

Your first step is to spend some time giving your vehicle a serious cleaning. Empty everything out of the vehicle, and throw away anything that you don’t need. This simple step alone is often a major eye-opener. Next, you want to vacuum every last inch of the vehicle. If you have a vacuum with a hose attachment, you can run an extension cord out to the car. However, you may find that spending a few bucks to use the heavy duty vacuums at your local car wash yields better results, plus it prepares you for the next step:

2. Wash the Exterior of Your Car

It’s amazing what a difference a simple washing can make. Of course, the easiest way to wash your car is to go drive through the car wash, but you can also do the job yourself at home if you want to save some money. While it may be tempting to wash your car on a nice hot and sunny day, CNN recommends otherwise. The hot metal combined with soap and water can actually damage your finish, so save the wash for a cool and cloudy day. Don’t forget to finish off the job with a good waxing.

3. Add Some Custom Flavor

Adding aftermarket parts to your vehicle can give it a unique upgraded look. For example, adding a spoiler and some new rims gives your car an edgy street look. While these upgrades may seem expensive, you may be surprised by how affordable this upgrade can be if you seek out performance car parts on sale. Spend some time searching the internet for the parts you need, and you should be able to find some cool aftermarket additions that breathe new life into your vehicle.

4. Fix Small Dents and Cracks

This step can get expensive in some cases, but the short and long-term results are worth the cost of admission. In fact, you may even end up saving thousands of dollars over time, according to Forbes. Major dents and cracks may need professional intervention, but you should be able to handle some of the smaller scratches yourself. Check out this tutorial by Popular Mechanics for in-depth information on eliminating mild surface scratches.

5. Adopt Better Maintenance Habits

The best way to keep your car looking fresh is to pay attention to the little details. Tossing a candy wrapper or empty soda bottle on the floor may not seem like a big deal, but over time those messes really add up. So, install a little trash bag, and empty it regularly. Take some time every once in a while to dust the inside of your vehicle. Spray down your windows with some glass cleaner and give them a quick scrubbing. These little details seem minor, but they make all of the difference in the world.