Economic Impact Of Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Many commercial establishments prefer using fluorescent light bulbs because business owners believe that fluorescent bulbs can save them money on electricity bills. However‚ savings can become a reality only if you use fluorescent bulbs that are right for the lighting needs of your enterprise.  There are various types of fluorescent bulbs available and it is important to choose the right one for your business if you want to maximize the economical benefits of using these types of bulbs.

Lowers Your Electricity Bill And Improves Savings

You can definitely enjoy lower electricity bills when you choose fluorescent bulbs over incandescent bulbs as the former has the ability to convert electrical power into light with greater efficiency without much wastage of energy in the form of heat. Make sure you use the more efficient variant of fluorescent light for your commercial lighting solutions, such as the T8 bulbs which have been specifically designed for lighting up large spaces such as warehouses‚ large offices and schools. They can also be used in garages and open spaces in residential apartments. However‚ CFL or Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are gaining in popularity among homeowners and commercial business owners because they can are more efficient than other types of bulbs. The downside is that they are expensive.

Why Buying Cheap Fluorescent Might Not Be A Smart Idea

To control the flow of electric current through it‚ the fluorescent bulb needs more ballast.  This makes it somewhat more expensive than an incandescent lamp. There are cheaper fluorescent bulbs with electronic ballasts available but their life span is shorter. You may make short term gains but in the long term you will end up spending more as you will have to replace more number of bulbs.

There Are Incentives And Discounts Being Offered To Encourage Buyers

Also, compared to other fluorescent lamps, buying the cheapest fluorescent bulbs with integrated electronic ballasts may save you on short-term costs; however, they have a shorter life span and therefore will end up increasing your long-term costs due to lamp replacement costs. The high cost of replacing fluorescent lamps can be offset by utilizing tax incentives offered by some states. Consumers can invest in quality fluorescent bulbs by taking advantage utility discounts offered by states and municipalities.

 While buying fluorescent lamps‚ it is also important to look at the lifespan of the lighting system you plan to buy. Buying lamps with a longer life can help reduce the number of replacements over a specific period of time.