Education – Why We Choose NIT ?

Academic and Extra-Academic Environment

Are NIT’s Worth?

NIT’s are the next brand of government colleges which are hugely popular after IIT’s. Ever since NIT’s were established, the debate between IIT’s vs NIT’s also started and has not yet ended.

There’s no doubt around the fact that IIT has always had the bigger spotlight and since it hs better faculties and research opportunities the students benefit out of it. NIT’s on the other hand claim they can do equally good given the required resources.

In recent times the cut off for NIT’s have gone high and it brought this question to our mind.Is NIT infact worth such high cut off?

Do this task, just input some random rank here and see which NIT are you getting and then ask yourself is my marks not worht something better?

Government plans to have one NIT in each state and thats great but what we are concerned about the balance between the facilities. Here are the major factors that differentiates IIT’s from NIT’s

1. Faculty

When it comes to the quality of education provided IITs are ahead of the NITs. The professors in the IITs are better and more qualified than the NITs. The pattern of education and approach is also better in IIT, but it doesn’t mean that NITs are not up to mark. Both these brands are extremely good in providing quality education and producing good engineers, but IITs have an edge over all others. IITs have much stricter guidelines about faculty recruitment.

2. Research

There is a lack of Research work in IITs but it’s almost non-existent at NITs. At Nagpur, only the ECE dept. & Chemical dept. are engaged in research, rest are busy in government jobs.

3. Entrepreneurial Culture

IITs have a strong entrepreneurial culture which is missing at NITs. This trend is changing over time, but it’ll take time.

4. Placements

The top packages at top NITs is equal to those at IITs, but the average is considerably lower. Check placements in IITs and NITs for further details. The pay packages offered to students of IITs and NITs, depend entirely on candidates’ abilities, academic performances, and other important factors. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Epic Systems etc. offer the same CTCs everywhere, but the recruitment number is higher from IITs. The graduates from both the Institutes are known to have achieved notable positions in leading companies both in India and abroad.

5. Academic and Extra-Academic Environment

IITs have much better infra-structure as they have good access to funding from the government. They have bigger campuses as well. But, the popularity of IITs among its engineering aspirants is highly driven by its educational and college environment. The ambience of IITs campus is both inspiring and vibrating with perfectly planned and aligned layout for the whole campus, libraries, and hostels.