Enrol to Professional baking classes in Mumbai

Colorful and aesthetically pleasing macarons, soft and delicious cakes and creamy puddings, don’t we all love indulging in all of these sweet treats? Any bakery shop you go, these sweets are readily available. But don’t you ever wished that you knew how to make that gooey chocolate cake? All of us are so busy with our day to day life that we forget to take time out and enjoy these things in life such as baking. Hence in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai life, take some time out and enroll yourself into one of the best baking classes in Mumbai.

1) APAI( Academy of Pastry Arts)- The institute has designed their course in a way that it makes sure that each and every student gets equal attention. The academy has designed a baking course, for those who want to become professional Chefs in 5 Star Hotels or wish to launch their Patisserie or Boulangerie. This course is meant for amateur bakers, provide the necessary training for baking, which can then be harnessed into advanced techniques and cuisines. The egg is a mandate in most of our recipes, as we emulate French Cuisines mainly. All of their courses are globally recognised and certified by City & Guilds, London. Those days are long gone when one had to move to a different country, for learning the art of pastry baking.

Academy of Pastry Arts and their patisserie courses have come up with a full-time as well as a part-time course, to equip all the students with the art of pastry baking in their nearby vicinity. At the Academy, you will get experience in preparing a varied range of bakery items, ranging from basic bread to custom pastries and cakes.

2) Wisk by Cakesmiths

The thought of making things on your own such as cheesecake and cupcakes might have crossed your mind. Then what are you waiting for? You can join this baking studio in Mumbai. In this studio, you can learn to bake cakes and pastries in several flavours. The chefs at Wisk’s will help you every step of the way and teach you how to customise the basic cheesecake with various toppings and to glaze as well so that you can be a pro at it and bake it yourself at home.

3) Studio Fifteen

Now they conduct workshops from time to time for cake decoration to fondant designing to chocolate making and baking. The chefs at Studio Fifteen have a lot of prior experience in the same field, and they take these classes all by themselves. The academy firmly believes in craftsmanship and churning out an excellent quality product. You can either go for the one on one classes or either join a group which is conducted in a professional environment.

It doesn’t matter if baking is your one true love, a passion, a career-goal or a hobby, these above-mentioned fabulous baking classes in Mumbai will help you excel in the same! So what are you waiting for, enrol now!