Everything you want to know about VLSI Design Training

What is VLSI Designing

The procedure of making an integrated circuit(IC) by the combination of numerous or thousands of transistors into a single chip is called as very large scale integration (VLSI). An advanced version may comprise of billion logic gates and transistors which help in computation and controlling.

VLSI Design has applications into various ranges of electrical equipments such as computer hardware, mobile phones, defence aerospace, set top boxes, consumer electronics and medical electronics it has become an important field in chip designing. If you are settled in the city of Bangalore, then there are plenty of reputed VLSI design training institute in Bangalore, which you can opt for.

Qualification required

  • Any UG/PG Engineering degree in Electrical, Electronics, Electronics & Communication (or instrumentation), Computer science & Engineering, IT or Msc. Instrumentation or Electronics with first class.
  • Anybody having knowledge of computer languages like C, C++ or Object Oriented Programming system is also eligible.

Placement opportunity       

VLSI professionals are on high demand in fast changing digital and electronic industry. The institutes are also in association with number of corporate companies who grab the talented candidates from centres as per job requirements. This way the employment openings are offered to students. Also institutes are providing online portal facilities to their students to directly apply online. They are being given corporate style quality training and other required skills from experts along with certification.

For some of the following jobs students can apply

  • ASIC verification engineer
  • VLSI verification engineer
  • Design verification engineer
  • System level verification engineer
  • Functional verification application engineer

These are the posts offered by firms which are manufacturing semiconductors, IT hardware and electronic products.

What the Students learn?

Under the VLSI design training learners experience a right blend of teachings in classroom, practical classes followed by industrial training which gears the candidate towards enough proficiency making them job ready.

  • Introduction to VLSI ,design and its methodologies
  • What is Linux and its commands
  • Designing the digital circuit
  • Switch, structural, data flow, gate level and behavioural modelling
  • Design compilation, elaboration and simulation
  • Terminal and GUI mode simulation
  • Design of Arithmetic logic unit and its verification
  • Sequential and combinational UDP
  • PIN configuration and FPGA design flows
  • How to use plan ahead window for PIN planning
  • Verification of design using FPGA

Application areas and Scope

It can be used in various areas ranging from automotive to computer systems to consumer electronics. It is employed in research and development areas like

  • Neural networks
  • Multi module systems
  • Computing and communication systems
  • Design & partitioning
  • System specifications

The advancements in technology has made a noticeable mark resulting in an accelerating demand for chip based products and devices  in many sectors .Many named chip designing companies are eyeing towards India and setting up their designing units providing huge number of jobs to the skilled  and deserving candidates.

Both the domestic and international design and manufacturing markets are expanding rapidly which is further enhancing the requirement of trained professionals who are expected to boost the work in VLSI domain.