Finishing Nails For Clean and Finished Look

Nails are the basic ingredients of construction or reconstruction process. These are available in various types made of all metals, like aluminum, iron, steel and stainless steel. Coating, heating and other processes of nails is to enhance its properties and functions. Every type is to fulfil one or multiple purposes. Finish nails are the basic need of carpenters and are purposeful in attaching molding to a house. Made of steel, in fact stainless steel these are of varying sizes, having different gauge numbers. The gauge number or the thickness suggests the strength of the nail. The size varies from sixteen to ten and thus smaller the size indicates that the nail is stronger. They come in length of one inch to four inches.

  • Where and when to use it?

    Carpenters often use finish nails for final additions and detailed works. Because of their small heads, they are nearly invisible to eyes if not marked. Their drilling completely into the wood hides its existence. Only the user is able to distinguish it. When painted over the nailed surface, it becomes impossible to locate the nail. This is very useful especially while making cabinets, wardrobes and even outdoor woodworks.

  • What to opt for outdoor construction projects?

    Perhaps the best and the most favorable choice is the stainless steel finishing nails. These are corrosion resistant and hence more durable. These do not lose its components with time and so are able to provide strength and fabrication to the constructed structure. They suit every weather and hence keep the structure as strong as new. They are perfect for chemically treated wood. To be specific, these are all-rounders in terms of their function.

  • Buy the right sized nail:

    A buyer has to buy the nails according to his purpose. That is the width of the molding determines what should be the length of the nail. Pennyweight is the term used to specify the weight of the nail. It provides the size of the penny that is the nail. Therefore, different gauge number and length are available to suit the work. For example to attach a baseboard to the wall, the width of the molding and the drywall determines what size of the finishing nail you would need. A 6d finishing nail would be the right one when molding is 5/8” thick and the thickness of drywall is ½” to 5/8”.

  • Availability:

    Basic needs like nails are available in every hardware stores. Choose the right one according to your need. Internet has made purchasing things online possible and easy. Online stores also offer varieties and home deliveries. Work should not suffer in terms of both quality and time, therefore you have both online and offline market at your disposal. Also the finishing nailer saves the energy and time in drawing the nails into the hard surface. So instead of hammering each nail as many times to push it in, the nailer does it in one go. Therefore, while shopping for nails do look for the nailers too.