First Aid Guide for Our Smartphone

People would stare and imagine the absolute worst when they see their smartphone falls into the pavement or takes a quick dive into a water-filled sink. Although preparing for the worst is acceptable in some ways, it is actually possible to repair our smartphones. Obviously, not smartphones can be saved, but there are first aid methods that can significantly increase the odds of survival. So, it is important to make sure that our smartphone could passes through the traumatic event before we take it to the professional technicians. Liquid damage is a common occurrence that affects smartphones users. Moisture could increase the chance of short circuit if we don’t take proper steps. Common causes are drinks, pools, puddles, sinks and toilets. In reality, most moisture-damaged devices can be saved if we quickly push the power button or remove the battery, whichever method is the fastest.

After removing the battery, we should shake the phone to remove excess liquid from the exterior. Wipe the battery compartment first and make sure it is dry completely. Next, we could dry the outer surface. Instead of using blow dryer, we should use a vacuum cleaner that can suck water vapour and moisture from the interior. Blow dryer could actually push moisture and liquid deeper into the interior. The next thing we do is to get silica packets or dry rice and put it inside the zip-locked bag with our smartphone. This should be an excellent way to absorb and draw in moisture. This should be a good way to save our device. If our smartphone is externally drenched, it should be kept inside the bag for one day, but longer if the phone is completely submerged.

Placing the bag in a warm area should speed up the evaporation speed. After we are sure that the phone is completely dry, we could try to turn it on. Even if the phone is working, it is a good idea to bring it to the technician for evaluation. Another problem that could affect our smartphone is catastrophic software failure. This could be caused by drops, malware, app glitches and faulty software updates. If we are affected by software problem, we should remove the battery, re-insert it and turn on the phone. Each smartphone model has different hard reset method, such as holding the power and Home buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds. So, it is important to write down the hard reset method for our phone, before this problem occurs. If this step fails, then we need to bring it to the technician.

Our phone could also be affected by battery issues. Not only that our phone could run out of battery life quickly, it could also fail to power on. This could be caused by extended usages of battery or factory defects. If this problem occurs, we should evaluate our apps and features usages. Many people have battery-draining apps and enable various features, such as GPS and WiFi continuously. It is also a good idea to reduce the screen brightness.