Give Flavour To Your Kurtas With These 2 Salwars

Every one of us in usual routine does have to rush and face chaos for some or other reason. Due to the scorching heat, it is right to crave for airy and comfortable outfits. While maintaining a sustainable balance it is crucial to not fall into a bit of a fashion disaster. Finding the balance between comfort and trend can be very tricky. Maybe parties and special events or relaxed, informal outings you want to look on point and you surely should. Here are two blissful salwar styles that will help you achieve just that in kurtas:

1. Dhoti Salwar Suits:

Who would have thought that this traditional style of draping bottoms for men would one day rule the women’s fashion charts? Over the years, the creativity and variations in a simple dhoti have gone through is astounding. The gorgeous side cowls on these dhoti bottoms do not only look stylish but also provide with extreme comfort. Here’s the catch: The cowls come in a variety of patterns. Some cowls gather near your ankle while some others promote messy gathers. Some are very well defined and placed evenly and neatly while some have a fine and elegant tulip cut to them.

They look chic and sophisticated and complement the fun and friendly appeal created by the dhoti itself. Dhoti Salwar suits above, it should have a well-defined waist to give it a feminine charm. You could have a straight cut suit or a short, thigh length Anarkali to enhance the beauty of the outfit. Use rich fabrics like silk or velvet or stiffer versions of cotton.

In order to strike your fashion game right for casual occasions and daily wear, opt for light fabrics like cotton or georgette or hosiery. Messy gathers or ankle gathers work perfectly. In order to go fashion freak; make comfort your priority and experiment around it.

2) Patiala Salwar : 

The ideation of Patiala suits comes from small-town Punjab but has left an impressive impression on our hearts for quite a long time. Sportingly Patiala Salwar suits are also used in Indo-western by women of this generation. These salwars are usually teamed up with short kurti and immensely loved by all.

Bold women of today do experiment a lot with the necklines and back patterns. In the present times, these suits are also available with printed dupattas. Virtual stores do give you complete leverage even when it comes to choosing from different colours and style. Patiala Salwar online can also be gifted to your loved ones.

Even the Bollywood gregarious Divas have counted on these styles of suits to flaunt of their charismatic personality. It’s high time to say yes to ethnic trends as they have the power to look flawless in any occasions. You could add up the surprising element of jackets or accessories to make your look more like pro-diva. The best part of these suits is that they come with dupatta which also has work or shade on it.