Growing Needs To Go Green With Laundry!


India is vibrant, growing and has a lot to offer to its people.  The people are on the run to grab these opportunities and grow with the growing India. In this regular run from home to work, a lot of simple things has been lost. People usually have limited time for themselves, for the things they love to do, for their loved ones and for their domestic daily chores!

These domestic chores that used to be a part of each one’s daily life, have been commercialized which has led to blooming of online laundry  services, for sending house helps and such others. OnlineDry cleaning & Laundry services have been on a boom in almost all cities of India, big or small, usually all have online laundry services catering to their laundry needs. Further these online dry cleaning & Laundry services have gone a step ahead. They not only do laundry for these busy office going people of urban India but they also take care of mother Earth.

Environment, today, is a major concern for all. Dry cleaning & Laundry Services, a simple domestic activity can have a much greater impact on the environment than what you or I can imagine. Thus, to cater the needs of growing sensible India, the online laundry serviceshad to be sensible and smart, both at the same time!

These online dry cleaning & Laundry services are eco-friendly not just because they don’t waste water but they follow a different approach all together to keep the laundry as well as their environment clean and fresh.

These online laundry services use green detergents which do harm your clothes or the water bodies once they are drained. They use detergents that on the package claims to be biodegradable and phosphate free or are made up of plant and vegetable extracts. These detergents are gentler on the clothes as well as on the skin if the cloth is being washed by hands. Further washing clothes by hand is always encouraged since the amount of water used is way lesser.

Moreover, instead of using fabric softener which is chemical based these upcoming eco-friendly online dry cleaning & Laundry services, use white vinegar. White vinegar can naturally balance PH level of the soap, thus leaving the cloth softer and fresher.

This green online laundry service maximizes their machines for energy efficiency. They use cold water to do laundry that saves power used for heating the water. Plus, they make sure that the machines are taking in the maximum amount of clothes that they can in one go, this ensures that the machine’s operating efficiency is at the peak and the power is not wasted and water is utilized.

These services propagate the idea of drying out clothes naturally instead of using power to do the same. These dryer emit harmful carbon dioxide in large amount. Thus, when they as laundry services dry the clothes naturally the save not just power and cut down their own cost but rather contribute towards reducing global warming.