Guide On Bypassing iCloud Lock

iCloud Unlocker makes it very convenient for you to remove the iCloud activation lock. Apple does not provide any tool or documentation that you can reference to bypass the activation screen. It is very troublesome to make a trip to the Apple store just to bypass the activation screen. Only the original owner is authorized to go to the Apple store to unlock the iCloud because he is the only know that knows his password. You won’t be able to unlock it if you receive the Apple device as a gift or bought a used version from the online store.

iCloud Unlocker is an iCloud bypass tool that you can download onto a computer to remove the iCloud activation screen lock on your iPhone. It is a free software created with the purpose of helping second hand iPhone purchasers who face difficulties in logging into their iCloud account. Removing the activation lock will completely erased the data of the Apple account that belonged to the previous owner. You can use the Apple ID that erase away the old account to login after the bypass iCloud activation process is completed.

iCloud Unlocker features a plain yet straightforward interface. Most people will easily find their way to use it to complete the bypass icloud activation process in the first time they launch the tool. There are only a few information you need to prepare before using the tool. You will need to know your Apple device type and the firmware version. Besides, it will also request for your IMEI number to successfully unlock the activation screen. The information about your Apple device type, firmware version and IMEI number can be found under Settings > About.

You will be able to monitor the unlocking the iCloud activation screen on a progress bar. When the green bar reaches the end, the lock on your iCloud account will be completely removed. iCloud Unlocker provides a fast and safe way for you to unlock your iCloud account. There are a lot of scam iCloud unlocking services that do not do what they promise in helping you to bypass iCloud.

You will be disappointed for unable to get a refund if the software doesn’t work. It also waste your time for trying a software that doesn’t work. iCloud Unlocker is released for public download to prevent people from having to pay money for unlocking the activation screen. You can use your antivirus software to scan iCloud Unlocker download file to see if it contains any virus before downloading it to unlock your iCloud account.

iCloud Unlocker will never store your personal data while unlocking the iCloud activation lock. It also will not reveal your data to identity thieves. It works no matter if your Apple device is using old or new versions of firmware. The software can function properly no matter if you connect your device to a computer that is running on Linux, Windows or Mac OSX operating systems. Your Apple device will continue to function properly after you remove the iCloud activation lock.