Hadoop Prospects in 2019 and What You Should Do about Big Data Analytics

Big Data market is overflowing with hypes and myths. Leading Data companies are fast diving into the unstructured and unsupervised machine learning algorithms to build powerful analytics and intelligence around hidden information.

In this article, we explore prospects of Hadoop as an open-source Java programming structure and how leading data management and analytics companies leverage it in Big Data analytics, scientific analytics, predictive intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things.

Data Warehousing Projects with Hadoop in SAS

 SAS is a top player in the Big Data market with a considerable market share in delivering solutions for AI and machine learning, customer intelligence, IoT, Risk Management and Cloud solutions. It’s proprietary solutions like SAS Visual Forecasting, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 and SAS Visual Data Mining leverage and promote the application of Hadoop in their core and peripheral components.

To be a part of SAS, you should aim to become a certified professional from Hadoop Training Bangalore courses.

Netflix and It’s Grip on Online Content Promotion

Today, Netflix is a multi-billion dollar business. Netflix uses Hadoop-based data analytics and visualization techniques to suggest shows to visitors and create powerful customer experience across various visual platforms, including the TV, website, OTT and mobile. It has already expanded its expertise into Digital out of Home advertising (DOOH) as well. Getting the most out of Big Data is very complex and ‘expensive’. However, by smart deployment with Hadoop along with open alternatives such as Spark, Cassandra and Acumulo keep the field level in terms of competitiveness and innovation.

Powered by the team of Hadoop professionals, Netflix is easily the smartest and most counter-intuitive online streaming platform ever to hit the market globally.

IBM’S Digital Reinvention Based on Digital Insights

IBM Big Data program is the world’s most researched and read resource online. It is an institution in itself! That’s thanks to the massive volume of data it owns and processes every single hour. It’s not surprising that they love data and part of that love is also shared with Hadoop programmers. IBM Big Data programming team are part of many success stories of Digital Reinvention across the world. These success stories are created by Big Data engineers, analysts and programmers who wear the badge of honors learned during the coveted Hadoop Training Bangalore online course.

Cloudera’s Enterprise Solutions

If you are a Hadoop fresher, Cloudera is a great repository of resources on various applications of the open source platform. Cloudera’s own open source platform is the most trusted and reliable distribution platform for Hadoop and related projects. These are leveraged in data warehousing, data science engineering, and HDFS File System architecture.

There are hundreds of companies like the Googles, Microsofts, Teradatas and the Faacebooks who also use Hadoop to transform complex data, at scale, using multiple data access options. Today, it’s suddenly speculated that Hadoop professionals could be dealing with and providing companies with complex data management and data governance solutions, thereby broadening the horizon of how Big Data is applied across organizations for various operations.

The plot is deepening for Hadoop enthusiasts for sure!