Hiring Women Motivational Speakers

There is a big chance that you have been put in charge of hiring the right person to do motivational speaking in front of a huge crowd. You like the challenge because you believe in your capabilities but at the same time, you feel intimidated by the fact that one mistake can cause a lot of setbacks with your current job. One of the things that you have to decide on is whether you are going to hire a female motivational speaker or not. There are some things that you have to consider for this:

  • The experience that you have had in the past with female motivational speakers. Do you always have good feedback whenever you hire female speakers?
  • The audience. It will be a bit awkward for a female speaker to speak in front of an all – male audience unless you are trying to prove a point but the connection may be harder to impose.
  • There are some female speakers who are wonderful even when speaking in front of an all male crowd because her humour just matches that of the audience.

Let us talk about these things in detail: 

Past Experience – With the Canada Speakers that you have hired before, how many are female and how many are male? Out of all the female speakers that you have hired in the past, how many of them are actually good? Are you willing to risk hiring female speakers again after you have thought about your past experiences? It is likely that if you only have good experiences with female speakers, you will not hesitate to hire another female speaker but if the results are not too good, considering male speakers are okay too.

The Audience – If you have an all female audience, it will be easier to choose female speakers because you know that they can connect with other females better. The motivational speakers for women that you are going to hire should talk about things that a lot of women are generally interested in like relationships, connections with different people and other topics that deal with emotions. For male audience, it is best that the speech will be more humorous and more engaging. Men like it better if they are able to participate in the whole thing. They would like to interact more with the speaker. You can gauge the audience first and decide from there.

Humour – You have to remember that male and female speakers may use different types of humour depending on how good they are. Those who are exceptional will be able to change up their humour depending on their audience but for those who are fairly new to speaking in front of the crowd, some female speakers tend to be more engaging with other women. Remember that a lot of women laugh more than men. This is the reason why in sitcoms, you can hear the taped laughter to have the dominant sounds of women’s laughter other than men.

In the end, it will all depend on the type of effect that you would like to occur. Do you want you’re all male audience to connect better with women so they can sell better? Do you want you’re all female audience to become motivated? Your main goal should be your best basis in hiring the right speakers Canada.