Sometimes we feel vulnerable to almost everything that scare us even when we are sitting at our own house.

The feeling of being stalked or being supervised by someone intentionally can create fear in any body’s mind. This is human nature, we become little conscious about our security especially when we live with family.

The best way to get this fear out of mind is start taking necessary steps which will make us feel like safe and secure.

2018 is here, vast range of newer technology is available out there to protect homes. Then, why not just get started with taking resolution of protecting  family and ourselves this year :-

Here are some tips that is going to help you this year in taking out anxiety of your mind :-

Keep an eye on your surroundings

It is essential to install home surveillance system as they tends to keep the burglars away from the house. I have seen many people covering only the major areas  with cctv and missing out the places which needs to be protected more than even those. You have to keep an eye on the surroundings such as street, back side, windows etc. keep the lighting in to consideration as well, you need visibility in order to record the clear footage.

Start from the most basic things and cover the small areas as well that you even can’t think about as an entry point. You need to be aware about all the loopholes and nearby areas of your house.

Repair and replace the damages

After you’re done with securing your surroundings, start working on repairing of the house. fix all the possible holes and areas you find such as windows, doors, wall, basement etc. if your window is not properly fixed or the door is in bad condition then replace it as this can be a advantageous point for burglar or any other person who wants to enter the home hideously or forcefully.  Don’t forget to take a careful look at basement and the walls of the place. Sometimes, the outdoor of basement turn out as a beneficial source of entry for thieves

Stay updated

Sometimes installing home surveillance system is not enough, you need to keep yourself updated in order to get the most desired technology which will meet the requirement accurately. Last year, we have seen some new advancement in the area of security systems. You have variety of options to go with such as alarms, siren, electric shock, monitored systems, wireless systems and many more. If you stay up to the mark with the market then it will increase the chances of your house meeting the requirement exactly the way you want.

Home surveillance system tends to bring fear in the mind of robbers as they try to avoid the houses which are equipped with the one. Your responsibility is not  just installing security systems but also to get them installed at right position so that footage will not get interrupted with anything.

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