How The Demand Of London Minicabs Have Changed Over Time

How The Demand Of London Minicabs Have Changed Over Time

The London minicab is a common sight across the city. Foreigners strongly associate the cabs and their knowledgeable drivers with the city. For years, they have been the chosen mode of transportation across the streets of the city, with people preferring these minicabs over their own vehicles or public transportation. With its age, though, come some changes over the years. After all, nothing remains the same forever. The minicabs have evolved to meet the needs and expectations of the times. Throughout all of this, they do continue to change while maintaining their core values and the things that make them special.

In the Before Time

Yes, things change, but, surprisingly, the London minicab did not experience a lot of change in its lifetime. Everything does change, and the minicab is in the process of evolving, but that has not always been the case. Small changes have come up to meet the needs of the city and to continually increase the standards for the drivers, but that is it. There are few other changes that have appeared over the years. Generally, when people thought of these minicabs, they all thought of the same black cab that everyone knew, adored, respected, and trusted. The demand for other modes of transportation could never rival these minicabs.

This does not mean that there were no major changes. There have been increases and decreases in the demand for the London minicab. The changes have hardly been significant, but they have been there. Generally, they maintain popularity and demand with locals and tourists, providing an experience and aesthetic that you do not get elsewhere. It has not been popular enough to kill another mode of transportation nor has it had major competition for most of its life, but it has held a steady demand.


Uber changed the game; there is no doubt about that. When they came to the scene, the demand for more began to change. People were no longer as interested in the black London minicabs as they once were; instead wanting Uber due to their lower prices and availability. There are a few reasons why people have continually chosen Uber, and similar services, over the London minicab. It lowered the demand for these cabs, resulting in a lot of disappointment and anger on their end. That does not mean they are going away, however.

The Present and Future

London minicabs are not going to leave the London roads any time soon. With their immense popularity, the unrivaled expertise of the drivers, and the high standards for the drivers, people will continue to choose them. Those standards and the required testing, is what makes these drivers stand out as the excellence they are. Uber drivers are not held so highly nor do they have as many requirements.

As long as the London minicab remains the trusted and knowledgeable source of transportation that it is, it will continue to have demand and to appeal to individuals. Combined with its iconic look, it is not going away any time soon.