How To Choose A New Jaguar

Choosing any new vehicle is an exciting and yet, serious task. Unless you are exceptionally wealthy it is not something you will do very often. This is especially true when you are dealing with vehicles such as the new Jaguar F-Type; their price tag reflects their sleek, stylish and high performance bodies which are designed to spark desire in all that see them.

However, there is more to choosing a new Jaguar than simply a big bank account; choosing any vehicle is a decision which must be made carefully after considering all the options:


There are many different shapes and sizes of Jaguar, from a normal sedan to a four wheel drive option and, of course, the sports style top end cars. The price varies dramatically depending on which type of vehicle you are aiming for. But, more importantly, it is essential to consider the size of the vehicle you need. There is little point in purchasing the F-Type if you have a family and will not fit your holiday bags in! Even if you are currently single, you may wish to consider the immediate future and the items you carry; such as golf clubs.


Jaguar delivers a huge range of engine options depending upon the vehicle you hope to drive. The more family orientated section of cars has fuel efficient gas and diesel engines which do an adequate and even exhilarating job of moving the vehicle along. However, they cannot compare to the bigger engine sports section. These vehicles are designed to be fuel efficient but will drink much more fuel than their family orientated cousins. It is important to consider the running costs of your chosen vehicle to ensure you are happy with them. You do not want to have a beautiful sports car on your drive that you can only afford to drive once a month!


Of course, the price must play a part when choosing a new Jaguar. You must consider your budget and the funds you are comfortable spending; either in one lump or on a monthly basis (if you choose one of the finance options). It is worth remembering that you can purchase a used version of the same vehicle for significantly less money. If you choose carefully then the vehicle will still be like new but will have a range of optional extras which you may not have been able to afford if you bought a brand new Jaguar.


The interior of a Jaguar is styled as beautifully as the outside, attention is paid to every detail and the vehicles are a pleasure to drive. Many features come as standard; even GPS is fitted in the high end models. However, as always, there is a range of optional extras which can be added. These will push your price up. It is, therefore, essential that you choose only those extras which will really benefit you; this will help to keep the cost down and your car affordable.


Finally, you should always check the history of your next vehicle; a used car will still be new to you and should be in pristine condition. To be really safe you should look at what your local Jaguar dealer has to offer; they will even source a vehicle for you. However, if you do choose to purchase a pre-owned one privately, be certain to check that the vehicle is genuine and has been well looked after.

Whether you buy a new Jaguar or one which is simply new to you, it is certain to be a pleasure to drive.

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