How To Cure Hepatitis C With Medicinal Marijuana?

There are more and more patients with hepatitis C, and their number keep increasing. Hepatitis C is a disease which causes chronic liver inflammation, does not give any symptoms for years, and then grows into cirrhosis or cancer. It is estimated that there are about 70 million people in the world, 500,000 of whom die each year from the consequences of a non-infected infection, and the fact that patients do not know that they are infected. If you are here for consulting for mmar you are at the right place.

If an adequate treatment is not started soon, hepatitis C will become an epidemic. The exact number of patients is not known. Over the past decade, the number of people treated with Hepatitis C increased.

Few patients get a chance of liver transplantation, and in such cases, a hepatitis C re-infection after transplantation is inevitable if no antiviral therapy is applied. There are so many risks that these people are facing.

Modern hepatitis C therapy, is available around the world for three years, lasts for 12 weeks and leads to healing in more than 95 percent of cases. There are a lot of patients who have previously been unsuccessfully treated with all kinds of therapies but they found a cure in medicinal marijuana which showed to be very effective. There are people who even cured themselves completely.

In hepatitis C treatment, innovative drugs show significantly more effective results, eliminate the virus in most patients with minor side effects and open the possibility of complete healing, and also contribute to the prevention of transmission of infection to uninfected people.

With such powerful antiviral drugs in their hands, the WHO has set the goal of eradicating hepatitis C infection by 2030. Most countries in the world, have adopted this plan and genuine national disclosure strategies and the treatment of chronic hepatitis C viral infection.

Unfortunately, in many countries modern therapy is not yet available. This brings the fear that this disease will spread further in these countries. This is due to their bad economical situation which prevents them from buying these therapies.

Hepatitis C is in the real sense a silent killer because it causes a chronic liver inflammation that does not give more than 10-15 years of life.

Symptoms and Signs of the Disease

During this period, which is most often detected by accidental, laboratory tests during systematic examinations, voluntary blood donation, on insults for insemination… Hepatitis C virus is primarily transmitted by direct contact with the blood of the diseased. It should be known that, in addition to liver inflammation, hepatitis C can cause kidney disease, a particular type of sugar

diseases, thyroid disease, lymphomas and some autoimmune diseases. It is a very difficult disease but with the right treatment and with persistence anyone can succeed in curing it. You just need to follow the instructions of the doctor and listen to their advice.

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